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Changes At Kehillat HaDerech YHVH
Posted:Jun 22, 2017 7:37 pm
Last Updated:Jul 26, 2017 11:50 pm
Many synagogues are closing their doors due to declining membership so we are getting creative to bringing the synagogue to the Jewish community by establishing online synagogues, and Kehillat HaDerech YHVH is one of them.

Kehillat HaDerech YHVH is an online Talmidi Jewish community with an uncommon resolve to follow Torah, practice the biblical Jewish customs and traditions.

We are inclusive, diverse and willing to call all Jews back to Torah, Community and Culture, and to restore non-Jews to a correct Scriptural understanding and practice.

All Jews, regardless of the expressions (Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, Messianic, Reconstructionist, Ebionite, Karaite, Secular and Humanist), are welcome to be part of the congregation.

Christians are welcome to attend our online services but we ask that they check plans to evangelize at the door since Jews worship YHVH alone so we do not need converting.

We also recognize that the relationship Jews and Christians have is very tense based on historical events: Crusades, pogroms in Europe and, worse, and Holocaust. Until Christians can stop being hostile and stop calling us blasphemers, anti-Christs, agents of Satan etc., we continue to take necessary precautions in public dealings with them.

All are welcome to connect with us as we learn and grow together.

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