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Jewish FriendFinder Forum List

By marking your blog as part of a Forum, more members will be able to read and comment on it, giving you more visibility and more profile views! Public forums are sorted by a variety of topics. Share your thoughts with the entire Jewish FriendFinder community - start a new Forum post today!

Forum Name Last Posted On
Advice (14 Posts)
Love advice, relationship advice, this is the topic for you.
Aging/Age Differences (5 Posts)
For those with older or younger partners, as well as all other age related topics.
Alternative Medicine (2 Posts)
Grapevine for alternative solutions in health
Art Lovers (10 Posts)
Connoisseurs, collectors, historians, and creators of art
Automobiles (1 )
The spot for groups about sports cars, classic buggies and everything in between.
Backpacking basics, where to go, how to get in shape, how much you can comfortably carry, what to take along, and how to pack it.
Bar/Bat Mitzvah (2 Posts)
A place to discuss Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs
Baseball Fans
Talk up your team or trade stats. For anyone who can't get enough of baseball
Baseball Players
For those who play baseball. Share game stories, discuss rules, debate the best type of bat, and arrange a game.
Basketball Fans (2 Posts)
Talk up your team or trade stats. For anyone who can't get enough of basketball
Basketball Players
For those who play basketball. Discuss game rules, organize a basketball game, discuss your favorite brand of ball.
Beauty & Style (11 Posts)
Where anyone who appreciates beauty and style can advise and admire
Beer & Wine (2 Posts)
Groups for drinking enthusiasts, brewers, and all others interested in their favorite tipple.
Blogging (19 Posts)
Groups for Bloggers to trade ideas with fellow Bloggers and discuss the future of the Blogosphere.
Bluegrass (2 Posts)
Bluegrass Pickers & players
Book Club (3 Posts)
All about books -- what's new, what's hot, what's great
Books/Magazines (3 Posts)
For readers, writers, publishers, and artists to discuss their favorite media.
Business School Graduates
Business school graduates networking, offering support, sharing stories, etc
Capital Risk and Finance
Business tips, advice and support on decision making
Exchange the latest dish on your celebrity favorites
For those who like to play Chess
Classical Music
Baroque, Classical Guitar, Chamber Music, Early Music, Opera, etc
Clubs (2 Posts)
The Best Nightclub and Music Venues in Town, Advice and Stories
Communications & Networking (6 Posts)
Email, Network Certification, Software, Wireless, Latest and Greatest Technologies, etc
Computer & Video Games
Role-Playing, Multi-Player, Live Action, Adventure, Simulation, etc
Computer Hardware
New Toys, Tips and Traps, Components, PC's, Web Cams, PDA's, etc
Computer Security
Discuss policies, procedures, and the hardware and software tools necessary to protect the computer systems and the information processed, stored, and transmitted by the systems.
Cooking (4 Posts)
From Kosher meals to special holiday recipes, Cooking is the place for food and how to prepare it.
Country Music (4 Posts)
Country, Up-country, Bluegrass, Western, Songwriting, etc
The deals, the sights, the lines -- compare notes
Cycling (1 )
For those who enjoy watching cycling events, join a cycling club, or just like to ride every now and then.
Dance/Music Clubs
The Best Nightclubs and Music Venues in Town, Advice and Stories
Day Trading
Tips on daily trading, communication and fast facts.
Down At The Gym (4 Posts)
Gym rats, fitness experts, or beginners are all welcome here. Discuss your routine, ask questions about weight training, or advocate your particular exercise theory.
DJ's, Euro, Trance, Ambient, Classic, House, Drum n Bass, etc
Entertainment Industry
Chat about the Industry: new developments, gossip, names of note, etc
Entrepreneurs Company
If you are one, have one, plan one, chat here
Extreme Sports (1 )
Rock climbers, bungee jumpers, skydivers, all who are into Extreme Sports can share their stories here.
Family Travel (1 )
Kid-friendly and pet-friendly destinations, travel wisdom, etc.
Financial/Banking (1 )
People who know or want to know how money moves
Folk Music (1 )
Folk music of all sorts from Mariachi to Banjo, or other regional favorites
Football Fan
Talk up your favorite team or trade stats. For anyone who can't get enough of Football
Football Player
For those who enjoy playing football, share techniques, and game stories.
Genealogy (5 Posts)
Compare notes with other family tree sleuths
All levels for the amateur professional
Government & Politics (2 Posts)
Covers the spectrum of political topics, including regional, national and international politics, human rights, public policy, political candidates and officials, voting, political commentary and humor.
Tips on New Games, PC's, Webcams, PDA's, etc
Health Center of Men (2 Posts)
If you are big, built, or teach for fitness, meet here
Health Issues (1 )
For groups interested in sexual and non-sexual health topics, medical insurance, malpractice, and medical breakthroughs.
Hebrew (8 Posts)
Discuss the language and share translation issues
Holidays (4 Posts)
Share how you observe holidays, from Yom Kippur to Purim to Passover
Home & Garden
A gathering of green thumbs and home designers
Ice Hockey Fans
Talk up your team or trade stats. For anyone who can't get enough of ice hockey.
Ice Hockey Players
Ice hockey enthusiasts check this
International Business
Global issues, international markets, the broad view, etc
Forum Name Last Posted On
Internet (9 Posts)
All about the web, where to go, how to get there
Investment Club
A helpful network of and for investors
Judaism (14 Posts)
For Jews, students of Judaism, and those interested in Jewish culture
Marketing/Sales (1 )
A place for those in the Marketing profession to discuss ideas, companies, marketing strategies, and network.
Married Couples
Discussions of married life, domestic issues, and keeping the fire alive.
Massage (5 Posts)
For those interested in giving or receiving massage and discussing the best techniques.
Models/Photographers (1 )
For groups interested in photography, images, famous models and those who want to be a model.
Motherhood (1 )
Expectant mothers, parents who want to give advice, and those who just want to talk about the experience
Movies (1 )
Discuss the hottest movie stars, give reviews on current movies, or reminiscence about your old favorites
Multimedia: the latest in media tech
For groups interested in ecology, outdoor travel, hiking and camping, and living in the rough.
A topic for those with children (or one on the way) to discuss development, education, discipline problems, childhood health, pregnancy, and the joys and trials of raising a kid.
Performing Arts (14 Posts)
What's going on in theater, dance, stand-up, concerts
Where people come to talk about their furred and feathered owners
The place for pregnancy stories, advice, discussion of baby names, as well as talks about pregnancy clothing, planning, and recovery.
Professional Women (2 Posts)
Networking and support chat for professional women
Programming Language
Learn and Share, C & C++, Java, SQL, Basic, Delphi, Visual Basic, etc
R&B and Soul Music (1 )
Funk, Motown, Modern, etc
Racing Drivers
Formula 1, NASCAR to motorcross and motorcycle for anyone chasing down the speed
& Hip-Hop Music (2 Posts)
Freestyle, Gangsta , Underground, Religious etc
Real Estate
The ins and outs of buying, selling, and owning property
Recreation & Sports
Talk about your favorite recreational activity or the best sports teams and sports players.
Rock & Pop Music
Alternative, Core, Classic Rock, Bands, Metal, etc
For those who enjoy watching or playing Rugby
Runners' Club
Runners exchange your stories, discuss the best terrain for running, compare shoe brands, and compete for the best times in marathons.
For experienced sailors, beginners taking lessons, or for anyone interested in boat handling, racing, or discussing destinations
Science & Technology
For those interested in the latest technological advancements or the cutting edge of science.
Seasoned Professionals
The spot for experienced doctors, educators, lawyers, or any professional of a field to discuss relevant issues, scientific journals, breaking news, or just network with others.
Single Parents
Single Parents share support and advice
The place for talking about snow conditions, ski instruction, ski gear, ski travel, ski resorts, and ski racing results.
Small Business Owners
Issues important to small business owners
Cigars, cigarettes, lighters, paraphernalia, and smoking culture are in this topic.
Soccer Fan
Talk up your favorite team or trade stats. For anyone who can't get enough of Soccer
Soccer Parent
Time management, emotional support and other soccer parents' concerns
Soccer Player
For those who enjoy playing the King of Sports, share techniques, and game stories.
Advice, Development, Usability, Operating Systems, etc
Spiritual (12 Posts)
Thought and commentary for spiritual seekers of all faiths
Startup Companies
Entrepreneurs discuss how they created their startup, success stories, tips, advice, ideas on getting funding, and the joys of starting a new business.
A place for worship, discussing events, activities, and questions
For those who with body art or who love it on their partner.
Exchange movie and TV trivia plus the latest gossip on your favorites
Everything tennis, technique to tournaments
For dedicated followers of theater and dance
Travel Partners
Hook up with travel partners for a particular trip or regular excursions
VC & Angel Funding
Trade tips and support for better decisions
Video/Photography (1 )
Discuss the best cameras and equipment for recording those special moments.
Virtual Mentors
Those who have "made it" in challenging fields meet those seeking guidance
Volleyball net talk
Wedding Ceremonies
This topic covers small events to gigantic weddings with all the trimmings.
People in or interested in wireless communication, the tech, the latest news, etc
Working from Home (1 )
Connect across the net with other home professionals
Working mothers (1 )
Managing time, emotional support and other topics
Young and Retired (1 )
All things concerning young retirees