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terryaki 61 M
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When someone views your profile.   11/18/2008

When someone views my profile, I am contacted by this site. They say that someone is interested in me. I think that they are NOT interested unless they leave a message, send a wave, wink, etc., or put you on their hotlist.

What do you think?

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Discrete FUN with fn491at aol   3/15/2008

So what do we do on a Sunday morning, being that same is a worldwide day off?

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FUN with fn491   3/12/2008

Anybody fancy some FUN? Please text, call or email me! xxxx

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FUN with fn491   3/12/2008

Anybody fancy some FUN? Please text, call or email me! xxxx

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Hawkenwalker 40 M
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The hardest thing to say   9/5/2007

It is difficult to say to a person that contacts you that you are not interested. You know that they had some hopes and aspirations.

Most folks here are looking for longtime relationships and some like me are not. I consider marriage a "Catch and Re;ease" Program.

But I state qite clearly that an LTYR is not what I am all about.

My standard answer to women that contact ...

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Thanks, but not thanks   11/21/2006

No Thanks is a 1935 collection of poetry by E. E. cummings. He self-published the collection with the help of his mother and dedicated it to the fourteen publishing houses who turned the collection down. The book is unconventionally bound not on the left but rather the top, like a stenographer's pad.
No Thanks is a term used to politely refuse something.

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Just like any other word   4/12/2006

It's a pretty strong word but remember, 'You can do it ' Say it, practice it 'No thanx', 'No thanx', 'No thanx' That's it!!!!

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No and Thanks are two opposite words.   2/8/2006

Always do have some motives in his/her dealings, as 'no' must have been something infuriorating, while 'thanks' you had achieved something and grateful, bringing the two together amounts to pretence, deciet and hypocricy.

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actions or lack of them   11/4/2005

What is really frustrating is when after the meeting the other person their eye contact is almost nil, they spend more time looking away at the rest of the world..but then say I"ll be in touch...when they really should be forthrightand say No thanksthis will be it.

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biggmamaz 60 F
156  Articles
...Time to bid him Farewell!   2/8/2005

When you're threatened desertion by an angry lover, nicely say "No thanks, and goodby!" Never is it acceptable to resort to name calling and/or profanities. When it goes there, it's undoubtedly time to bid him farewell! It's been my experience, that when you truely love someone...somehow profanity escapes the mind...especially when angry!

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True Soul Mates?   8/31/2003

True Soul Mates? <br> Clients regularly ask an astrologer about whether or not a particular individual that interests them is their "soul mate." The astrologer's response is usually that there is no way to know from an astrological chart alone whether or not a person is your soul mate. We can compare the charts to judge compatibility on a number of different levels, but ...

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Dont tease   8/29/2003

It has been an issue with me and others I know, when the person youve been talking to decide to go out with you and meet in person. Only to find out that you or they are not creating the "spark". And the question is, 0k what now, how do I tell this person its not gonna happen. Well I believe that in some form it must be known, not dragged out for days or even weeks. I went out with someone ...

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Say no to Hard liquor   8/21/2003

Drinking heavy will just lower your standards and make you more vulnerable to members of the opposite sex that you'd never be attracted to with out it . How ever certain circumstances might call for some like a long period of honrinessor an instance that may have been unbelievably wrong in the work place and or it helps to break up a cold .

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Saying No when u want to   6/29/2003

<br> I have come across many people, in my home, in my college who say "yes" when they actually wanted to say "no". Sometimes, even I have come across such situations.I said yes to things I don't like, yes to things I didn't want to do, "yes" to the things I wanted to say "no" to. I thought real deep about this thing.Why....Why did i say yes when I wanted to say no! The ...

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can u be too honest..   4/14/2003

i am surprised to be here..on a dating site in search of luv..i thought i would have found the one by now. i never imagined be in here. i met an 'honest'man, who revealed he was married, sometimes unfaithful in his words, yet wanted to meet me! sometimes we forget the effect of our actions and hurt the innocent.i respect womanhood and the vows of marriage.. <br> i thanked ...

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Try to meet a simple man or woman who's is in the common faith and things can be of little obstractions because we are in various motives and demands which by resaons of faith and belief it is not compatible to talk of love.I am seeking marriage and love and as achristian, I shall look in to a christian Lady of any race but with some level of care hope, you will all share with me and ...

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Try to come up with a one-liner that gives someone the idea of what you'll be talking about!   11/13/2002

We suggest that you first write the article in your favorite text editor (e.g., Word) and then use "cut and paste" to place it here.

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Why do I find gerks to date...   10/30/2002

Well starting out...Im almost 19 years of age and I have a bad probelm of choosing guys...I want the romantic like realationships and its always ends up them to tired to see me or to busy with there guy friends...Im not ugly at all I have a beautiful body and a very beautiful mind I just kind find mister right...Guys just seem to look at my body not my mind they never want to just talk its ...

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Gender is not important. Attitudes are.   6/25/2002

To all the fellow people out there, man and women BOTH, who insist in cussing at others who tells tells them 'no, thanks'. <br> You don't need to be afraid to say 'no, thanks, I am not interested'. Be afraid, however, to cuss at people who politely decline you. Well... allow me to explain. <br> As some fellows with brains wrote, sometimes dropping a note is all you need to ...

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Follow your intuition   6/16/2002

When you chat with someone/talk on the telephone/or meeting in person never ever let someone insist on giving out your personal information.I had recently met someone on the inter-net dating scene spoke with this person several times on the net and then telephone...which on the second convers-ation he insisted that we were really going to hit it off etc...the real clincher was when he said ...

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Girls taking guys out for sport?   5/31/2002

Ive never heard that term before, ,, I must have been hiding under a rock for all these years LOL!! But guys, ,, seriously, ,, I would think that you would know that is happening to you, so dont get all p.o'd at it, ,just go with the flow. Remember, what goe's round come's round, right?

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A Non-lover's MInd   4/24/2002

Silence of a non lover's mind who has stopped longing for the lover he can only desire He dreams of her and hears her moaning in his bed Reliving the loving he never had <br> He is hypnotized by her face, her full lips The curve of her breasts, her hips, her long legs and sexy tan thighs He close his eyes and pain a picture to keep in his mind the memory of a ...

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A few helpful hints for men...   4/20/2002

I can't say how many times I receive a message from a man who wants to chat, meet, move in with me and/or marry me without so much as having received an email back from me! One of my biggest turn-offs is when the messages I receive start out with "You are so pretty, beautiful, gorgeous etc..." Or they say "We have so much in common!" I'm hoping that a man would want to be judged on his ...

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Not a movie star But?   3/31/2002

I am 42 I have been divorced 4 years and I can not meet the right kind of woman and when I answer a personal ad I get no response what do women want a movie star, prince charming and Donald Trump wrapped into one.I am nice to all the women I chat with but it seems like I am cursed because I am divorced.Why don, t women want to date divorced men? Any woman who reads this please give me some ...

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Judgment call   3/7/2002

Let's start this with, I'm male. As much as we'd like to believe this world is equal, it isn't. I just started reading the "No Thanks" thread. As a beginner, I came up with the following. <br> 1.If it's spam, ignore them. Far too frequently, I get clever messages from porn sites and such (pay us to gaurentee you a date). People like that are taking advantage of your feelings. ...

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Saying No.... A 2nd man's perspective   3/4/2002

Having read a few of the articles regarding saying thanks but no thanks, I've decided to add my two cents to the wishing well. I've spoken with many friends in the chat rooms about the subject and can understand and sympathize with both sides of the argument. I realize that you ladies receive many emails from us guys on here. Some of those emails are nicely done but others can be ...

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When a guy asks you out and you have a boyfriend   2/24/2002

Hi I work at loblaws and a really sweet looking guy has askedme out. he's funny nice and the best person i would love to out with, if i were single however; i had to say no. I thought my realtionship with my finance is much too important for me to lose. I have been happy with my decision beacaue the realtion ship with the cute co worker would have never have worke out he's a year younger ...

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how u say no thanks?   2/16/2002

you just say it will be very nice from you if we could stay friends but right now i dont look more then that..and you are very special person but i dont look now for a serious relationship..

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A Failure to communicate!!   2/2/2002

There seems to be a lack of communication in the online community. I have met several people on the free ad services and after the first meeting, there is no further communications! Not even a Thank you! Only 1 person let me know up front how I stood which was commendable. Why can't others take the time to be considerate also?

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How To Say   11/27/2001

Hmmm? How shall I tell my "emailer" (her/him) that I cannot possibly envision a dialogue, much less a relationship with her/him? <br> I believe that I can offer a proper response which serves to minimize "my" guilt for rejecting you while also minimizing the potential discomfort of rejection experienced by the recipient. <br> It would appear that there are 2 conflicting ...

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If I say No, take it like a man   11/4/2001

I've only been using FF for a short time, but I've noticed that the behavior I've seen from the male members here is similar to every other similar service. Men who are not in my area, or in the age group I prefer, write to me, even though I've very clearly stated in my profile what I'm looking for. Either they don't bother to read the profile, or they decide that they know better than I ...

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I don't believe it! I saw Claudia Shiffer on my dating website! So of course I sent her a smile hoping for a reply in the near future. The next day I'm looking at a Sears catalog, and who do I see? That great looking babe on my dating website! I sent her a note to see if I could catch her attention the week before... alas! no reply. Now all of a sudden I seem to be recognising celebrities all over this thing and others! What is with this? Can't these people find hot dates in and around Hollywood? Why do they have to put their pictures here? Then just today, I met saw the woman of my dreams... turned out to be Salma Hayak! I just don't understand! Why can't we just have normal people, with normal faces posting normal pictures! Isn't there a celebrities dating service somewhere? And if there is... tell me where I can tell these people to stop putting up fake pictures!

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FREE B'S   8/18/2001

To All, Heaven forbid that what I am about to write is going to soundsarcastic or even bitter. If you live in a reality la la land then read no more!!! I can honestly say that I have been dating for around 7 months now and can honestly say that around 11 out of 14 dates where worthless with the women not wanting anything except a free dinner or favors. What is the cure gentlemen? ...

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Answering e-mail, a mature woman's point of view!   8/15/2001

After having read several articles about whether or not to respond to those who have taken the time to write you in response to the profile you have place with a server, I wish to express my opinion. I honestly feel that all messages should be responded to even if it is to say, "Thank you but no thank you." It is just common courtesy and good manners to do so. If we are attempting to ...

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Don't Lie   8/8/2001

I can't tell you how many men I've met on line and talked to by phone that I eventually found out they were lying about something. In fact, men have also told me it's true of women (just so there's no sexism going on here). It seems to be epidemic. It starts with a mentality that says "I can lie" about my age, income, marital status, having (not having) children, etc., and that if I call ...

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keep it close   8/4/2001

My advice to teens is and i'm going to keep it real, i'm not going to sugar coat it, what in the world are you in the rush f0r, keep your legs close and your books open, theres know way that a boy loves you at that ages he just want to get into your panties in run then what?9 months later a baby caring a baby who has to take care of most likely your parents think about it before you decide ...

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keep it close   8/4/2001

My advice to teens is and i'm going to keep it real, i'm not going to sugar coat it, what in the world are you in the rush f0r, keep your legs close and your books open, theres know way that a boy loves you at that ages he just want to get into your panties in run then what?9 months later a baby caring a baby who has to take care of most likely your parents think about it before you decide ...

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Some response is better than none   7/7/2001

I fell like apparently many others that if you get a response to your add you should respond back to them to let them know your interest level. Whether you are interested or not it is the courteous thing to do. Even if the response is short or several days later it is still better to get some response rather than none.

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On why, sometimes, we don't reply   6/23/2001

After reading the article on "A new rule for guys" I got the urge to add something. One of the big turn-offs for me and a reason I don't reply sometimes are the e-mails from guys looking for an intelligent woman, and yet their letters are full of spelling mistakes and bad grammar. This is not going to attract an intelligent woman...but more make her feel that the writer doesn't take women ...

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Fear of someone's reaction does not excuse bad manners   6/14/2001

I am struck by the fact that there is such a debate as to whether or not it is good manners to respond to an email from someone in whom you are not interested. <br> On the surface, it seems like a no-brainer: of course you should reply. <br> Beneath the surface, however, there often is more than meets the eye, and that would appear to be case here. <br> ...

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Here's a new rule for the guys...from a guy.   5/5/2001

Back on 12-17-2000, I wrote the article "answering e-mail...a man's point of view". While it was well received, I feel I could add a new rule for the men who write to women, and to a much lessor extent, to women who write to men. After chatting with a few women on this site, I have to say I under-estimated the number and nature of the replies these women get from their profile. Some of you ...

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the article is right   4/25/2001

I would have to agree with this recent article. Many men do have funny/whacked egos. But hey...C'mon..we are aLL human in this race/planet. We are all creatures of nature. When any man thinks he is BEing ignored..that Pisses us off. BUt not ALL men are like that. I think nowdays men just want one think from women..and that is SEX. Now this statement is ABSOLUTELy wrong(from a woman's ...

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Men - Here's why we ignore you.   4/24/2001

I've had lots of experience with email contacts - either through a personal ad I have placed or ones I've responded to. Unfortunately, when I am not interested in someone, I now just ignore him. It didn't used to be this way. In the past, I would take the time to write a polite "thank you but no thanks" type of email. Today I don't bother. Why? Many men - total strangers, remember - ...

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Ladies, Please Be Considerate!!   3/16/2001

Hello Women of FriendFinder... <br> i am writing to all of you who seem to be unable to even lift your pretty little fingers to respond to an e-mail or page...this is plain and simply a RUDE thing to do and you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!... <br> if someone writes to you and you do not find them to be suitable that is perfectly fine...all you have to do is to send ...

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When you have to say no   3/9/2001

There are times when you have to say no I've discovered. After being contacted by a girl who wanted to meet for coffee etc, I discovered that she was married. We stayed out that night till after 3am talking and she wanted to see more and more of me. She was a lovely lady with 2 school age girls and an important career behind her. It was hard to say no but to pull apart a family would ...

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Why is it so hard?   3/5/2001

As a woman of today, even being the strong independent woman that I am, I still find it hard to say "NO THANKS" to a man who wants to go out on a date...why is that? Maybe it's because I feel sorry for them or maybe it's an inner conflict, maybe I feel the need to always have someone there? What do other women think or feel about this and do others find it hard to say "NO THANKS"? This is ...

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When she disappears...   3/3/2001

Do the math. When she (or he) disappears, it usually means they were finished with what you thought was the beginnning of a relationship, or whatever. It's easier to not answer than write back and give someone the list of faults they ask for. Personally, I'm a positive person. If someone I've met isn't the one for me, it doesn't mean there's something wrong with them, and I don't want them ...

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Are we guys cheap untertainement?   2/25/2001

I came across the profile of a nice looking lady, single, well educated, non-smoker... everything then! write to her, get nice answers. write more to her... being told (in an approximate english) that she like it very much to read me...get even an invitation to come along after about 20 pages. Don't really sleep any more but spend my time writing grand, passionate letters and proposing nice ...

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girl said no thanks?   2/24/2001

frailty, thy name is woman, as shakespare says, do u agree? as long as i'm concern i do agree, its true.i'm describinga stroy, one day a girl came accross me and she looked liked as if she was sad.i didn't took notice of her but when i entered in the college gate in which i was studying i saw her again. i's surprised to know that she was my new college fellow, i wanted to say some ...

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Saying NO And Thats That   2/21/2001

I have found thar saying no and explaining why does not work to well with people that write inapropriate messages. Often times when you give people reasons it gives them a reason to answer back and change their tatics, only to go back to the same inapropriate behavior. So I have found it is better just to say no you have the wrong person do not write me again. And if they write back block ...

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Sometimes only love is not enough!!!   2/17/2001

I met somebody thru putting an add on the net. Already after few e-mails and hours of talking on the phone. We decided to meet, and the chemistry was there, we click, and lots of talking and laughter. He makes me feel at ease on his presence, very sweet and attentive. From that time on we are inseperable. We said to each other we are definitely soulmates.But then slowly we discovered our ...

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It's nice to get a response, but . . .   2/17/2001

It's tough to put aside preconceptions, and I've tried, but many of the men who have responded to my profile are so far off the mark of what I hope for that it makes it tough. And it is NICE to have inspired someone to take the time to write to me, even if they do seem totally unsuitable. So I do respond to every email I get. But saying what you feel while still being sensitive to the ...

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Ditch The...Unpleasent Woman.   2/8/2001

C'mon guys, let's face it...All good things must come to an end, right? Right! K...So it's agreed then, you're love in paradise has just turned into a Hell hole. How can one tell when the relationship has reached this stage? Namely when you start to make up excuses not to be around her any more...Such as "You're controlling", "You're nit-picking", and "I can't stand you trying to ...

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When no causes cheating   1/18/2001

I was going out with this girl once. (I thought) she was really nice, friendly, funny, pretty, a great girl. We were going out for several months, when she wanted to get more physical. I declined, and she was hurt, but got over it. a month later, it happened agaoin. She wanted to sleep with me, but I didn't want to have anything to do with it. She knew this when we started going out. She ...

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Discreet Encounters??? NOT!!   1/16/2001

I girl I did not know well, but had ran into a few times at local single parties..invited me to go out with her to a nightclub she visits regularly. She said she had lots of friends that go there, and I would have a great time. So, I figured ...what the hell, I'll go (they have karaoke, I can enjoy myself) We got to the nightclub and large group of her friends were there, immediately I had ...

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Please stop embarrasing me   1/10/2001

Well, You sent your message, you waited, you waited some more, then you sent another asking if you got the first, then you waited, then sent another asking if you got the last message about the first message, then you got anxious, you made up a bunch of stuff in your head, and then you went right over the top. You sent more messages, pleading, accusing, begging, insulting, all cos you have ...

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If your best frined or Bf Wants you to do something then you dont want to Tell them No.   12/31/2000

Do not be forcred into thing`s that people want you to do Like sex for a exsample if your not ready and they can not wait then they are not worth it am i correct on that part , I Know i am on that, And if some one trys to force you into doing drug`s and if they keep doing that after you tell them no then just leave and if they try to make you feel bad cuz they want you to do something it ...

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It saves a lot of time and effort to say no   12/25/2000

I'm an attractive young female who has just moved to the US from England, I have proved to be quite popular and have been asked out several times. As I was never this popular back in England I am quite flattered, but I have a real problem. I can't say no!!! I was asked out by this one guy who I was really not attracted to, I couoldn't say no, I would have felt too mean, so I said yes, ...

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Honesty is the best policy   12/19/2000

I was recently on a first date with an attractive man and we ended up kissing passionately. The kiss was horrible and I also felt that a passionate kiss should be saved for a later time.If I had known him better I might have been able to tell him that I prefer to kiss "this" way. I was disappointed in the gentleman's behavior and ended up telling him that I did not want to continue ...

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..Not Good!!!   12/18/2000

Hey in the year of 1996 I was with some friends. We were all partying. And one of the guys was my best friend the other one was like my brother. We have all three known each other for most of our lives. They are 2-3 years older than me. I always hung out with the older group. Anyways, back to the story. Everyone was getting drunk. And everyone was of age but me. Of course. Anyways, I got so ...

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Answering e-mail...a man's point of view.   12/17/2000

Having read a few articles here about e-mail answering etiquette, I thought I would add my point of view. As a man who has been a member for about three months, I can imagine that women receive far more e-mails from men than men receive from women. Having sent a few e-mails myself, I can tell you that it is far more desirable to receive a short no-thank you response than to hear nothing at ...

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FEMALE COMEBACKS <br> Man: Where have you been all my life ? Woman: Hiding from you. <br> Man: Haven't I seen you someplace before? Woman: Yes, that's why I don't go there anymore. <br> Man: Is this seat empty? Woman: Yes, and this one will be if you sit down. <br> Man: Your place or mine? Woman: Both. You go to yours, and I'll go to mine. ...

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Not being interested doesn't mean you can't care   12/5/2000

I have been involved in relationships for a while now, and I have had my share of "I am not Interested". However, it has been my experience that the best way to let the party know that you are not Interested is to just be up front with them. Tell them right off that they are not the kind of person that you are looking for. That saves you from feeling like you are stringing him/her ...

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Killing them Softly   12/3/2000

Since I am a widow, financially secure, I have attracted interest from several near-indigent older and younger men of my acquaitance. This has posed a problem to me, since I'm someone who always has had trouble with confrontations. I asked a friend with several suitors how she dealt with this situation, and here is her advice. "I always begin by telling them, initially, how much I enjoy ...

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When you get a message from someone you dont want to reply to   10/10/2000

It is perfectly acceptable according to my experince, just leaving the message unanswered. If the person insists and sends another one or several further messages and it keeps annoying you, you can briefly answer back and be as honest as possible. Say for example that you really don't like that he is a smoker, or that you find that there is too much age difference between the two of you, or ...

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To answer an e-mail or not to answer?   9/20/2000

After having gotten on the friendfinder circuit, you are now getting e-mails about possible matches. Of course, there are those matches which are interesting and those which you are rather oblivious to you. In any case, you stand before a dozen letters or so and you ask, "should I answer this e-mail, write a line or too even if I am not interested, or should I just pass it by without ...

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Being Honest   9/20/2000

I find the Internet a great vehicle for connecting with like-minds. Particularly the FriendFinder site - if you are single and looking for a possible relathionship to form. You can send e-mails to people after viewing profiles and looking for some common interests. There is also the benefit of connecting with long distance people - I myself have some wonderful penpals. In my experience ...

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No means No   8/3/2000

I'm sick of all these stories about guys girls. If this sort of thing turns you on you have your own problems. Do not assume that because it happened in a story where a girl says "no" and then falls in love with this guy that this is what truly happens. Guys, when a girl says "no" she means no. If she says, "yes" go for it. No means no. Don't push her and don't think that she ...

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Turning responses into friendship, not romance   5/18/2000

Over a period of time, I have received numerous E-mail responsesto my ad. Some of them were terrific matches and some were not I try to treat each and every one with respect and answer every one. Sometimes the replys are in the negative, and sometimes the positive, but the answers are always honest, forthright, and quick. Some of the responses, while they have not turned into romantic ...

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Cyber Break Up Letter   4/27/2000

Dear [insert screen name here] (if that is your real name), I regret to inform you that, under a plan for the periodic removal of unpleasantness from my life, I must terminate our online affair. This termination takes effect immediately, but only becauseI could not make it retroactive. Below, you will find the reasons for this action: _____ While our ...

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What do you mean No?   4/21/2000

This incident just happened to my cousin recently. She was out on a date with a guy she just met, and after being out awhile they went back to her place. Just as things started to get "hot and heavy", she said no. Of course, her date was all confused and kept trying to convince her to go all the way. When she said no for the second and final time, he left, and they haven't spoken to ...

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When and why to say no!   4/21/2000

<br> You are in control of your own destiny. You shouldn't have to do anything you don't feel comfortable doing. Every ones view of sex and sexuality differs, but one thing is the same: Safety and consent. If you don't want to do some thing say "NO" Its your right so use that word, as much as you like! Try not to get your self in to a dangerous situation, as there are a lot of ...

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Jack and Jill   4/17/2000

jack and jill <br> jack and jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. jill forgot to take the pill, so now they have a daughter! <br> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <br> jack and jill went up the hill for just an itty bitty. jill's now two months overdue and jack has left the city.

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Sex...it's all about being an adult...   4/14/2000

Sex is a big deal...so we hear from everyone around us nowadays. The age old questions of 'How young is too young?' and 'Yes or no?' come up on a more than regular basis. The question people should really be asking themselves is if they are adult enough to handle the situation. A few questions to keep in mind are these: <br> 1. If this is only a one-night stand, can I deal with ...

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Show a little respect for your peers   4/14/2000

I just started doing the internet meeting people thing a month or so ago, and it has been rather interesting at times. I've had the oppportunity to meet up with a few of the people I've talked to here as well as speaking to many on the phone where we could be a little more personal. I've been as guilty about blowing people off as the people I'm writing this about, so I guess that's like ...

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How to say   4/7/2000

First of all let me start out by mentioning that I am a 39 year old black female totally heterosexual. <br> I had been on line for a week, a person Emailed me and told me how much they liked my profile. I was swept off my feet by the charm and intellect, we wrote to each other in the mornings before we went to work, in the afternoons at lunch, and burning up the cables at night. ...

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I miss you..   4/3/2000

I miss you I know we`ve said our goodbyes and I know we`ve gone our separate ways, but I still miss you I wish that peaple were like chalkboards, and we could wash our memories clean. but we`re not and we can`t yet despite the anger that i feel sometimes, I still miss you. <br> we were happy once and I remember those times. i remember how we smiled and laughed, ...

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When to be wary of meeting that special someone.   3/27/2000

Even though you have found that special "someone" on the net and you think you know all you need to know about him/her, please keep safety in mind. <br> 1) Remember, you do not really know who this person is. They could be some kind of psycho or something. <br> 2) If you still want to meet the person, make sure the meeting place is public. While this is not a ...

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When to say no   3/26/2000

I just finished reading an article talking about why to say no. It was talking about the vaious diseases one can get by having sex. It is a valid view but narrow in scope. <br> My view on sex won't be the same as everyone else and that's fine. Everyone has their own beliefs and style. The main point of this article is to decide when and how to have sex before the situation ...

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Tender is the night   3/25/2000

We had a special dinner at a very fancy restaurant that evening. The love of my life came late to pick me up and was "rushy", told me how many things he would have to do on the next morning.I gave him a drink to relax, but I had it clear that something diferent was going on HIS mind about our relationship.During the dinner he ate all and felt better, started talking while I was sipping my ...

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When you want to say yes but you got to say no!   3/22/2000

Sometimes saying no is a matter of self respect and keeping a committment to yourself. I made the decision to save sex until after marriage because my personal and my religious beliefs both tell me this is right for me. I am not frigid and I have the same feelings as any other woman but I have made a promise to me - I feel this gift of intimacy is worth waiting for until after a serious ...

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Saying NO! is like Saying GOODBYE!   3/21/2000

<br> How many of you women out there have liked a guy, went out and when it came down to doin the dirty, said no and ever saw the guy again? Well I would imagine few. I believe it comes down to respect and trust. I have been in this little yes, no game in nearly all my relationships and I have found that most cases you say yes and the guys got what he wants and he will go. now this ...

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Physical attraction..the hardest thing about internet matchmaking   3/20/2000

I think people are dishonest if we say "looks do not matter." OF COURSE they matter. It is hard when you make a somewhat close emotional connection (as is easy to do when using a keyboard), but then when the long awaited picture is transmitted...powww, there are no flames. Not even a spark. Hell, there's not even a match laying around. You just know you could never fall for this person. ...

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Cyber bye-byes   3/18/2000

There is nothing like being rejected, the coldness and emptiness of being trashed - but worse still is being sent to the eternal cyber trash can. Like being left suspended in space. That's the danger of this type of communication world, the keyboard prozac. The pain of disinterst and having to own up to another human being that it aint working. WELL - maybe the answer is to alwyas have ...

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let your mind be your driver   3/17/2000

Oh, my heart has it's reasons I can't say that it's right. It wants me to do things . The actions arn't always right. It has it's own rythem It has it's own beat It want of me action Some of them not bright. So heart listen to me listen to whats right Let the brain have it's purpose let it be with me tonight.

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How to Handle Loads of Mail   3/17/2000

I write that article to answer one happy man who receives heaps of love letters from three quality ladies at a time. Man, you really do have a problem, but that's not of a kind you cannot solve. May I try to humbly discuss your problems? <br> 1) You accepted the hectic pace of communication offered by those ladies. If you only had one lovely correspondent, that could last. Still you ...

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In The Shadows   3/10/2000

Meet me in the shadows Beneath a bright new moon Hold me in your loving gaze Tell me the night's in bloom Whisper promises in the dark Say what I want to hear Open your heart and love me From me there's nothing to fear Lay with me on the velvet Carpet of mother earth Join as one in my mind Let me be your first The first to have you In all your soul TO cherish on this ...

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When to say NO!   3/7/2000

Sometimes in a relationship you just can't say no to the one that you love. Well I found out that once you get into the habit of doing that, things can take a turn for the worst. This isn't really an article. Just a reminder that we don't have to take it if we don't want to. Learn how to say no and use it.

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Will you regret this in the morning ?   3/4/2000

After a couple of awkward internet dates I finally found a nice lady to share some good times with. We were both lonely and seemed to hit it off in our letters. After the first date we just kissed and left it at that...we're both a little old fashioned. On the second date we had a lovely evening of dinner and dancing along with a few drinks. She was very attentive, almost intimate on the ...

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Too soon?   2/27/2000

When your date wants to take you home or whatever funny thing. Please say no or you might end up as his or her prey... even though the former is unlikely. Even though no matter how much you like him or her, give yourself the chance to go on a few more dates at least before rushing into anything.. ok?

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What's inside...   2/26/2000

Saw the most wonderful man here tonight. Handsome, great smile, good job, lives in a nice city, seems to have everything going. Then, in his "who I am" write up he began to talk about his personal "rightist political" beliefs. Okay, so I'm not a "rightist" but I read on, thinking maybe it's "capitalist-rightist" he might mean, maybe there's some room ... No, he means racist, rightist. How ...

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Disappearing Acts   2/20/2000

Anonymity is no excuse for being rude. Unfortunately, many people (both male and female) seem to think that it's o.k. to just disappear suddenly from the "getting to know you" stage of a correspondence. HOW RUDE! Has anyone ever thought that anonimity also provides a great chance to practice honesty. Maybe honesty has gone the way of the dinosaur in the world of cyberdating, but telling ...

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It's a matter of respect!   2/18/2000

When the e-mail arrives in your box with a request for correspondace, don't just delete it and trash it. Take a moment or two to tell the person you are no longer interested, busy, or what ever, but do take the time to answer. It takes courage for someone to e-mail a complete stranger and indicate that they'd like to get somethig started, and this deserves a reply of some type. If it ...

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I have said   2/18/2000

Abstinance is the best policy-- not what I think. Just postponment. I have made a promise to myself to wait until I am ready. The pressure on teens today from the media, peers, etc. to have sex is huge. It is a pressure that no one should have to face. So many teens are falling into the pressure trap too that it is upsetting. So many lives have been ruined beacause they weren't taught ...

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Saying what you mean.   2/17/2000

If you go out with someone, and find that you don't really want the same things. Go ahead and be upfront with them about it before they get too emotionally involved. It isn't fair to continue a relationship if both parties are not in agreement as to what is expected. Just be polite and tell them "See ya".

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Response to   1/23/2000

Hi all, <br> The advice (if you will) that I would give to "More ResponsesThan You Can Handle" is a couple of things. I think one key ingredient is communication. Are any of these wemon mature enough to handle the truth? I think in a situation like this you can simply explain what is going on with you. After that it would be up to each of them to make a decision about ...

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Let's Put it in Context   1/18/2000

Saying "No, thanks". Two little words, yet they can generate so much angst in the "dumpee" and occasionally guilt in the "dumper". It's understandable, yet in a way so unnecessary. <br> My answer to these problems is to put the whole thing in context. For a start, whoever says no" in a relationship that is not going to work is doing the other party a favour. Take it from one ...

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when yes maybe means no?   1/13/2000

hellomy name is esilio. being new to this system. i am finding it pretty lame some of the excuses (or lack there of) when you think you have found someone suitable. nw i am not petty but when someone asks for something and then promises a reply back. well u think great. but as after seeing the foto, these people nevr reply back, well it can be a bit discouraging, cant it. perhaps some ...

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More responses than you can handle?   1/12/2000

More responses than you can handle? I?ve run into a sticky situation recently. I had sent E-mailmessages to several ladies at once. Nothing particularly exciting, provocative or ?deep?, just the standard bio and invitation to write back. I really didn?t expect to hear back from all the mailboxes my message was sent to. Each lady?s profile was concise, intelligently written and of ...

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Honesty is the best policy   1/10/2000

Honesty is the best policy, but it should be tempered with kindness. I have written to many people via email, who after a few mails seemed to drop off the face of the earth. They did not bother to tell me what (if anything) had happened, or explain why they no longer wanted to correspond with me. Would you want someone to do that to you? If not, then please don't do this to other people. ...

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It Shouldn't Affect Your Life   1/9/2000

I think that if you or your date says no in the course of the date or relationship, that it shouldn't really have that much effect on it.Just cause they said no doesn't mean your life is going to end.Just enjoy the date and hope to make plans for another.There is nothing wrong with waiting for that one time when they actually say yes.Personally i think that waiting makes it more special and ...

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Why You Should Say No to Sex   1/3/2000

I hope the following information will help you make wiser choices when it comes to sexual contact. Each time you choose sexual contact with a new partner you significantly increase your chance of disease. The desire for sexual contact is very human but needs to be handled with awareness of the risks and the appropriate precautions. The hazards of sexually transmitted diseases should make ...

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Didnt even say good bye   12/10/1999

Well it starts like this...I chated with this female in San Fransisco for quite a while.Then she gave me her phone number.We talked alot,got to know each other fairly well.I told her to come by my job and meet.I didnt really think she would.But she did! We meet and we like what we both see,so we say we will try going out some time.We dont have the same days off so I went to her place off work and ...

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A few months back I joined friendfinder and I wrote to a couple of profiles that made me feel something. I wanted to get to know someone in a far away place so that I might have the excuse to travel in the future so I chose men from the United Kingdom a place I had always wanted to visit. I thought that at least I might find a great pen pal who could tell me things about his country as well as getting to know him. The first week of my membership I met a man in the age group that I was interested in and I will call him Bob. Now Bob and I hit it off right from the start and soon our letters were on a very personel level ,writting many times a day. Soon we were chatting on Yahoo Messenger just like two teenagers falling in love for the first time. Then the cyber sex began to creep in. I said no and like a fox he made his move in another direction and before I would know it there would be something sexual going on. Now if that is what both parties are interested in then go for it but in my case it only served to frustrate me more with him getting just what he was after. This went on for sometime and because I thought I really liked him I relented and engaged in what I thought would make him happy. But we were never talking about the things that had drawed me to him in the first place, the relationship had become CYBERED and I tried a couple of times to guide it back into the right direction. Like I said if it is what you both are looking for then that is fine but if you don't feel right about it just say no! Why go to bed confused and frustrated while he is on his end sleeping like a baby with a smile on his face.

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It makes you wonder...   12/2/1999

I went to Prague on holiday all by myself. It was the first time and it was very exciting. On my way there the people around me were just talking the Tsjech language so it made no sense to me at all. Even the busdriver couldn’t speak English or German. The fact that I couldn’t hear what they were talking about made me feel even more alone. So after I finally settled down there in ...

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Hearing back from someone you said "No Thanks" to   12/2/1999

I have written to guys after I looked at their photo and realized immediately that he didn't "do it" for me; I've written to them and said "No Thanks," only to hear back from them that I am terrible person [for not being attracted to them]. Some people are just here to upset other people, it's hard to know who the real, regular and nice people are ... if you don't hear back from "her" then keep ...

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hot like the sun and wet like the rain   11/30/1999

hello from turkiye if u wanna good ant the best friend he's not very far away just under your finfers just write to me see u soon kisses

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Guys...just be honest with her...   11/28/1999

I just wanted to ad to the topic of "Saying No Thanks". First of all, lets face it, even with using a service like Friendfinder, dating is NOT an exact science. Sometimes you are going to meet someone that is not really who you thought they would be, or who you just don't really click with. That is just the way life goes. I have found that many of the ladies I have met are people that I really ...

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saying ohh no!   11/23/1999

How do we say ohh no to someone? How do we say no when we really mean ohh yes yes? Sometimes we really want people to talk, to visit, to share things with us. So truy saying yes ohh yess.

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A Welcome No   11/14/1999

We live in a busy world but does that mean the concept of common courtesy has to be sacrificed? It seems to be the case,maybe the annomity of the net contributes to it. A brief message takes seconds if you cut & paste it & lets the person who spent time writing to you know where they stand. I just recieved my first reply from eight emails & it was a polite brief no thanks,sure better than no ...

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It hurt a lot   11/10/1999

I went on a date with a man that I met on line. He took me out for dinner, drinks, coffee, and more drinks. We spent five hours together and he told me he didn't want the date to end. We kissed and said good bye. He later told me he was not interested in me. He never told me why he was not interested even after I asked. This hurt a lot and the feedback may have been helpful. It would have ...

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just say no   11/9/1999

i was on my 3 date with this really cool guy while we went back to his place his parents were out of town we were just going to talk and then we started makeing out while then he was undoing my shirt while i didnt do anything i just let him do it i wanted to have sex so bad but before in knew it he was in me with no condom i just let it happen and now i am pergant when that happens just say no

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Which one could it be?*!   9/18/1999

I've always been told to be very careful while on the internet.Then I found out about friend finder.com....I was so excited yet afraid.I met several different people that seemed absulutly irisitable.Most wanted me to meet them but my parents would never agree to it. I was so mad,but decided it was all for the best.Till I met Edickson Frias.He is ...

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Saying 'NO' can be as easy as saying YES   7/22/1999

Saying NO can be easyer than saying YES It's easy to say yes to things,but when it comes down to saying NO how many of us can openly say we could do it without any hesitation. Sex is one of the one things,that when it comes down to saying NO we can't,that is why so many people have under age sex. Hear are some tips on saying 'NO' Biuld up your confidence,if you have to,stand in frount ...

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saying no, somwone's gotta do it   5/31/1999

Saying no is hard, but someone’s got to do it. That’s where you come in. I’m writing this to tell you that it is ok to say no. If you are with someone that is pushing you to so something that you don't want to do, then you tell them no. There is a list of things that you should say no to, but I’ll list the basics. The first one is drinking. It is bad for your ...

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At least say " No Thanks"   5/10/1999

So you finally find the person who you think could be interesting. You've been searching the lists and checking each bio to make sure they are at least somewhat compatible and in some cases you think, just maybe, this could be someone special. Now this has taken some time because being a standard member, you can only look at so many profiles a day and you want to be sure about your choice. You ...

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I didn't think it was a crime   4/28/1999

This story is going to be hard for me to tell. If it hasn’t happened to you, it’s happened to someone you know, even if you don’t know that it’s happened. I started dating my ex, Thomas, in November. Yes, he was my knight in shining armor, coming to take me away from everything, so it seemed. Things were going better than I could have ever expected. By month two, ...

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I don't understand why people find it so hard to say "no".   4/25/1999

i might be a little close-minded, but i don't see the difficulty in saying "no" to someone of the oppisite sex. I think it's all about self-respect. If you have enough self-respect, you won't let someone violate you. i mean, guys have tried to pull stuff on me that i didn't want to do. Well, first of all, it was something that i wasn't ready to do. Second, i wasn't going out with him. Third, all ...

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A Guy's Worst Nightmare   4/16/1999

Its the worst thing that can possibly happen to an ambitious, goal-seeking suitor: asking the girl of your dreams on a date, and hearing that nasty, but sometimes inevitable, “No.” Those two little letters form a word which packs much heat when used in the context of dating. An otherwise stable, confident man can be withered down to a self-loathing idler, a minituarized version ...

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NO THANK YOU   4/13/1999


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Let them down gently, but let them down.   4/11/1999

I thought that I was going to be doing the nice thing when I just ignored this girl, instead it made things ever worse than I could have ever imagined. It all happened a few years ago while I was working at this fast food restaurant. One day, I was working alongside a friend of mine, when this woman standing by us asked me if I had a girlfriend. Now, I didn't give it much thought - I never ...

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Saying 'NO' to the persistent   4/3/1999

It really amazes me no end how some men can be so persistent and won't take no for an answer...their hide is so thick that 'No' doesn't seem to penetrate through... it could be due to all that long hair covering their ears, or they could have gotten out of bed with cotten stuck in their ears...still it's really amazing how they manage to hear certain words and not others.... when I was a just ...

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choosing the right person   3/12/1999

hello young teens,well i know that it is one time when u guys & girls r really keen on finding yourself a date, but it's the most important thing to choose the right person.so always be careful on whether u know that person real well or not ,if u don't know him,then do enquire about him by your friend or somebody else,& make the right choice at the right time. this is not just an ...

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Why to say "No Thanks" To Drugs   3/5/1999

All Though it may seem that drugs are cool it really isn't. If you become hooked you will end up a washed up "bum" who will do just about anything to get high. People like this are poor and live horrible lives. "It is Who you are." and it should definately NOT BE "What you do" It is obvious that a person who spend all their money on drugs will not have a good life. If you are ...

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How to brush off signals   1/31/1999

There is nothing worst than a girl that you don't like, likes you. How do you break it to them gently? Well, I have noticed the strong signals and you just play dumb. IE: My friend Jackie liked me. She sent the strongest signals. She wanted me. She would be saying who she likes and she would go like this "Jeff, Chad , and somebody". This was as clear as a bell that she liked me (besides my ...

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Graceful way to AVOID octopus hugs FROM men, for M or F   1/29/1999

The man is warm and wonderful and you decided to go for an embrace. Suddenly you are stuck with a human octopus. Or just as bad, you don’t know how to change from simple hug to a little more encouraging but with you arms already around his shoulders there is no where to go but down and that is not the message you want to give yet. Well, as a cheerful survivor of hundreds of ...

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Saying no isn't as hard as it may seem   1/26/1999

Saying no isn't as hard as you may think. It all depends on how hard you make it for yourself. For instance, if someone asks you out and you say, "I'll think about it" when you really want to say no then all it does is make it harder. You end up thinking about ways to tell them you don't want to go out with them and stalling. Eventually you end up with a really lame excuse why you can't go out ...

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Saying no is a BIG deal.   1/17/1999

Many people when asked for a date/relationship often respond poorly. Many will simply say no, many will say yes, but even more people than those two combined will say maybe. Maybe is the worst answer in the world. I mean that literally. Time and time again I hear one of my friends talking about asking that special person to go out with them. At least 7 out of 10 times the person asked ...

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The Mr. NOT Right Rejection Letter   1/16/1999

If everyone else's experiences have been like mine, you've met some VERY nice men and women and you've met some "doozies" - well, "doozies" according to your own standards. Sometimes, it's very difficult to figure out just how to say no.... So, here's some helpful 'one-liners' that you can use (and be amused) to make it a little easier and more fun.... enjoy!!! The Mr. Right Rejection ...

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Keep your "willy" where it belongs   1/12/1999

The hardest thing for a guy to do is to not have sex. His "willy" is wild and crazy and when there is an opening for him to see himself in, he usually takes it. Usually is the key word though. Coming from a guy's point of view, I know that having sex can be fun, but don't let it be with the wrong person. Everyone loves to party and everyone loves to get with guys, but the toughest thing that ...

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Some like It rough   1/7/1999

If you are going to break-up, or deny someone the oppurtunity to date you:sometimes you got to be upfront. Some people just do not understand you when you give them an excuse like,"I am washing my hair." I am living proof. I have to admit I am gulible when it comes to the dating scene. If you tell me you are busy; I think you are busy. What I am trying to say is there are nice ways to be ...

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how about a little honesty   1/4/1999

hows this for a new years resolution....lets be honest!!! you know we've all done it. we've met the person that we have been corresponding to and well we just arent interested. instead of beating around the bush why dont we just tactfully tell this person hey it was really nice meeting you but there is just no chemistry there. or hey if you would really like to be blunt why not just say hey ...

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No means No   1/2/1999

Saying no thanks can be hard sometimes when you may think you are ready, but there is a little voice in your head saying don't do it. Listen to that voice, because even if you are having the slightest doubt, you are not ready.

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What do you mean no?   12/30/1998

In some situations saying no just doesn’t feel like the right thing to do. I’m sure you have felt it before. Isn’t it what people do? You feel you should just let whatever happen. Yet something inside of you knows that you shouldn’t let it happen. That “something” is reason. If you don’t listen to it, you will most likely end up greatly ...

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Why Shouldn't I?   12/26/1998

Why not take drugs? Why not have sex? Why shouldn't I drop out of school? I feel that These are most of the common questions many teens ask themselves. Askiing questions like these and thier answers will make the difference of what type of life you will live. Making the right chose may seem easy now, but when it happens alot of things will come up. Like if I say no other people will ...

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How to Say No to Clinton !   12/24/1998

(1) Dammit no Bill, Ken Starr knows where I live ... (2) I'll swallow like you inhale buddy ! (3) Mr.Clinton I'm sorry but that's my favourite dress. (4) Daaaaaaad stop it !!! *g*

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saying no thanks to sex   12/13/1998

If you are under age and a guy asks you to have sex say no, If you dont know a guy very well and he asks you to have sex tell him that you are sorry and that you dont want to have sex with him yet tell him that you and him should get to know eachother a little better and if he insists on having sex tell him to get a life and find a prostetute cause you arent one.

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Survival   11/10/1998

We didn't see it coming. Life was as usual. We met everyday after school - went out, talked on the phone. The only sign was that we seemed to be bickering over small matters ever so often. On that day, we met outside the school library. Just as we were about to go, my old friend from Secondary school bumped into me and we exchanged "Hi"s. It was so long since we've met and I was so ...

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Say No to the Office Beau   11/7/1998

There he (she) is sitting across the desk from you. You get each other coffee, share a pencil sharpener, cover each other for lunch, but is it okay to take it further. DON"T DO IT! I have seen dozens and dozens of people try to have a relationship with someone that they work with. Time and time again it has blown up in their faces. It doesn't matter if it's a peer, a superior, or ...

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Drugs - How to say NO   10/9/1998

We live in a society that is filled with drugs. I know because I used to use them. Drugs are created to give us an unnatural high. This feels great at first but soon becomes a drag. The problem is how not to start using drugs. The word DRUGS is commonly used to describe things like cocaine, heroine, dope and many more. We find that we are introduced to drugs by the television. We sometimes ...

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No Thanks the best   9/16/1998

Today the usage of drugs is worldwide.It depends a lot on the user himself.Some may say yes or no to drugs.If drugs is being use in the medical purpose in curing the sick than it is okay as it is of good intent. However if drugs is taken just for the sick of fun than it will be harmful and dangerous.Teenager especially must learn to say no thanks to drugs if they wish to survive ...

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JUST SAY NO!!   8/24/1998

Hi, This is a letter to tell people how important I think it is not to let peer pressure bother you or others. I knew this person that grew up in a rough neighborough and he was a good kid untill he got around 14 when he started going to highschool and that was when he was first offered to experiment with pot, but he decided to say NO, all of the kids bugged him for saying no but he ...

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Why I'm Not Ready For Sex   8/22/1998

My best friend did it when she was 15, but I haven't done it yet, mostly because I haven't found the right person. I feel like I should like him a lot, and he should care about me a lot too. Most of my boyfriends don't last that long so it doesn't really get to that point....Sometimes I feel like I'm anxious to have sex but then I realize I'm not. When I stop and think about it ...

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What They Really Mean   8/6/1998

What Woman Say, And What Do They Really Mean? 1) They say: can we just be friends? They mean: there is not a chance in hell that I'd ever want to go out with you! 2) They say: I need some space They mean: I don't want to spend all of my time with you! 3) They say: No pizza's fine. They mean: cheap jerk. 4) They say: I don't want a boyfriend ...

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Navigating Through the Internet Swamp   8/1/1998

Most of us have had the experience--you get anonymous email, an anonymous ICQ, or a response from Friendfinder from a person you're pretty dubious about. There are ways around the rare-but-possible negative results--net stalking do happen, and flames are more prevalent than those on a steakhouse grill. The following are some tips for letting that secret admirer go. 1) Find out more ...

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Its OK to say "NO" to SEX   8/1/1998

From my personal experience: SEX CAN WAIT. I know some of you may feel that its the only way you can truly get close to your bf/gf, but sometimes it can only do the opposite. I once heard "Sex can either make the relationship better, or it will make it worse." Unfortunately, the latter is the more common among teens. So many things can go wrong. This isnt going to be an article about ...

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Does he ever go too far?   7/12/1998

The best way to say no to a guy is to say, "NO!" Be firm and say it like you mean it, otherwise they won't take you seriously. It's your body and no one else has the right to tell you how to use it. If you're not ready, you'll know. Don't let him convince you that you are if you know you aren't. Date is becoming all too familiar these days, don't become another statistic. ...

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Saying NO   7/3/1998

Hello Kids all over the world. If somebody offers you a drink or smoke say no.

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Professor No   6/10/1998

Okay, so you've finally started the dating scene again and found some enticing prospects online. You decide to talk on the phone, and then to meet someone in person. You do all the safe things - go to a public place, have a nice dinner together ... it's clear that this other person is VERY excited about you ... but you .... well, you're flat not interested. How do you say no? Use a ...

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I'm sorry, missed the word "perfect" in your profile...   5/30/1998

While this may be great advice (in my mind) you may disagree, write your own. First we look to the familiar answer to the personal --- "I saw your ad, sounds like we might have something in common, check my profile, if you like what you see, send me a note." --- (Close enough anyway.) At this point you just don't send anything and ignore them, while not the nicest way, seems acceptable to ...

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No thanks to what, who ???!!!   5/27/1998

Hi! Saying NO thanks is not a difficult word to say. There are many things which you want to say No to something you don't wish to do. Have some courage to say NO when somebody offer you DRUGS, or Cigratte etc.... There also some shy people who always say no thanks to whatever offer they recieve.....maybe in a party, when somebody offer them drinks or food. They tends to reject by ...

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Smoke-free mouth   5/22/1998

Hard to say no! Well, hear this one out first! Smoker: Want a cigarette? Victim: Nah, I don't think so Smoker: come on, chicken! Victim : No! You won't get me to do that smoky thing by calling me a chicken! * walks away* This is how one should stand up for oneself. Never ever give in to peer pressure! You can also stay away from the "bad influence " and keep your lungs ...

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No one needs to go through this.....   5/19/1998

For some reason, my article pasted like this...please feel free to arrange it as needed. Note: All characters' names have been changed for protection When I first moved in to my co-op, I was ecstatic. I was meeting all kinds of new people and making friends at an alarming rate! This article is about one of those "friends" that I met. Her name is Jenna. She was tall, beautiful and a ...

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Saying NO !   5/19/1998

Have you ever had one of those times when your friends asked you to do something you don’t feel like doing; but simply don’t know how to say it without hurting thier feelings ? Or when your mom buys you this ugly looking outfit, and she looked proud when you tried them on, that you can’t bear to tell her that you hate it ? Well, what are you going to do ? How do you say ...

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Are You weak?   5/13/1998

A major factor that I have found in my experiences to be somewhat responsible for a great deal of pain is called "peer pressure". We are somehow almost forced to actually believe that we are no good unless everyone else thinks that we are good & this sad state of affairs so often causes us to do a great deal of terrible things that mess up our lives, just so we can save "face". Be good, & ...

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my ways to say "no" to a person.   5/6/1998

how to say no. 1. if you're in a different city that you don't go to often just say that you're gay. 2. if they're gay say that you're straight 3.say that you'll call them but "forget" their number. 4. just say you're with somebody at the time 5. say you're busy 6. just say you're not interested.

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How To Say "No Thanks"   4/10/1998

Telling someone that they are not appealing to you or that you are not interested can be difficult. Most of us don't want to hurt someone's feelings when we feel turned off. Often we pretend that they are not there and maybe they will go away. That doesn't always work. The person on the other end may keep contacting you for an answer. Then it becomes harder to explain what you probably ...

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Mean what you say, and say what you mean!   3/23/1998

If you've tried everything and it still doesn't work, have a good friend whom you trust and who he/she knows is close to you tell him/her that "No" means "No". Leave no room for guessing. Sometimes, you gotta be cruel to be kind in the long run! Best of Luck!

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How to break it to them nicely!   3/23/1998

There are many different ways to break it to the person nicely. But I guess one of the most frequently used ones is "No, I think it's better if we just stay friends." Or something like "I don't want to take the chance of ruining our friendship by dating." Now we all know that these are quite common remarks, but we also know that it's just crap. We're just trying to make them feel better, ...

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I consider myself to be pretty straight forward. I am not into drugs of any sort, except a few drinks occasionally, do not patronise gambling or pay for sex. This last point is pretty controversial. The question is if you take out a female, feed and tank her up with a few gin & tonics to start with, a couple of bottles of good full bodied red wine in between the courses, pour a Cointreau or ...

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Stalked by a 7 year old   3/19/1998

My... interesting... experience started when I went to babysit my next door neighbor's son, Michael. It was the first time I had babysat for him, and since I wanted him to like me I brought some candy and a GI Joe figurine (yes, I spoil my clients . Anyway, after I had presented my gifts, we went to watch his favorite movie. We both sat on the couch, but ever so slowly he inched his way ...

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As a friend, I would like to advise all you out there, especially the girls against being addicted to saying "yes". Most girls say yes to lifts from strangers hence resulting in their being kidnapped. Also, girls find themselves accepting gifts from men most of the time. This could prove dangerous if the man that you are involved with demands that with every gift that he gives to you ...

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It's Alright to Say No.   2/27/1998

For most girls, the first sexual experiance is exciting, mysterious, and can also be painful. Most teenage girls give in to sex because of here it comes...peer pressure. Not only peer pressure, but pressure from her boyfriend, because " If she loves me, she'll let me". That is not always the case. If you are not sure you're ready to go "all the way", don't. If a sexual experiance makes you ...

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Do Not Leave Them Hanging   2/25/1998

we all here at FriendFinders get email from others that we may not be attracted to..Now what do we do about it..Do we just trash it and go on or do we answer it. I myself try to care for others feelings..I think it is better to at least acknowledge the email and try to be as pleasant as possibel..this way the person knows that it has been received. There is nothing worst than not knowing..State ...

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Not that far that fast   2/24/1998

Hello everyone ever been caught in a cituaton with a date that you were uncomfortable with? Alot of people have. And saddly enough alot of people just dont know how to say No, or are afraid if they do the person wont like them anymore. Well here are a couple of tips to help you out. Ill tell you about an experiene I Just had to give you an example. If it wasant bad enough it was a blind date ...

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No to drugs!   2/14/1998

Many teenagers around the world is taking drugs. Some of them for the very first time. Unfortunatly many of them dies as a result of the drugs. As a supervisor for young teenagers that is on probation I often see waht drugs can do to a nice person. One moment they are friendly, but as soon as they get a hold of some narcotics they are transformed into aggressive lunatics. To all of you that is ...

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How to tell him/her No when you dont want to date them at the moment!   1/19/1998

When a man or woman asks you out and you do not want to go out with them say No thanks or change the subject and ask him or her if they would like to go do something else. Tell him or her you like the friend ship the way it is and you would not want to ruin it. Or tell them that you would like to get to know each other better and you two could become a closer couple. You should be polite about it ...

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Why can I not say "NO" to my partner.   1/16/1998

You have difficulty saying, "No," because you are worried that s/he will be hurt if you do. <P> You care about him/her. And if you're like most people, you're also concerned about what s/he may think of you if you refuse his/her requests. Everyone wants to be liked, especially by the people they care about. <P> However, if you choose your words carefully, you can refuse him/her ...

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