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Ice cream?
Posted:Jul 22, 2021 10:16 am
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2021 5:26 am

Ben and Jerry: you’re no longer welcome in my house!

Please let me explain.

Decades ago, I protested the segregationist policy of a members-only golf club. Although I’m Jewish, I was allowed membership.

But people of color weren’t.

That’s why I protested at our Member-Guest tournament by getting three of the top non-white golfers to be on my team. When the four of us showed up for our tee times, all the members were amazed and impressed with my team. They knew how good my guys were.

One of them could drive a ball longer and straighter than any member could.

About me, there’s more. I integrated the school system of Greenville, SC by being the only white person to teach (or work) at Sterling Jr.-Sr. High in Greenville, SC. That school was Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr.’s alma mater.

He appreciated the book I wrote about it, No Gold Stars, so much that he signed a blurb on the back cover.

Years later, as the only Jewish lecturer to teach Humanities at our Community College, I taught about slavery, its origins, and Civil Rights around the world.

I also taught about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. My students learned the truth about the Deir Yassin Massacre; it should have been called the Deir Yassin Ambush because that’s what the Palestinian militants had planned it to be.

I taught them about Israel’s peace efforts that were met with suicide bombers. And about Israeli Prime Minister Rabin’s stellar offer to the Palestinians and Arafat’s ‘three no’s’ to peace and a Palestinian nation.

I suppose I should be thankful you didn’t make Arafat’s Three No’s as a flavor for Ben and Jerry’s because it was an encapsulating phrase, his shorthand version of his to get rid of the Jews from sea to sea. Although some Palestinians rejected Arafat, all of them knew his intentions.

What you don’t understand is that Arafat and every other Muslim jihadist knew what Mohammad wanted to do to the Jews. In case you don’t know, it’s in the Koran, Surah 9:1, the Tawbah Verse.

God has promised paradise to those only who fight in his way. Surah Tawbah Verse 1 (9: 1) “Allah has bought lives and wealth from Muslims in reward for Jannat (Paradise), They fight in the way of Allah, they kill and are killed, They have been promised truly in Torah, Bible and Quran, and Who is more right in his saying (than God), so be happy on what has been decided and given to you, indeed this is a great success” (Usmani, 2007:45-46) In the explanation he has highlighted two things of our interest here. First that he believes that this prize of paradise is only for Muslims and more importantly, that it is specific for those who fight in his way and second for those who kill and are killed e. those who do Qital in his way. Thus arguing that only Muslims generally, and particularly those who fight in his way, will find paradise in reward.
Muslim Militant's Mindset and Quranic Verses: A Comparison ... › bitstream › han... PDF by SW Azim · 20 · Cited by 2 — verses 5, 29 and 3, talking about Islamic Jihad to kill and clear polytheist and also to subjugate Jews and Christians. Surah 98 (Al-Baiyyinah) verse 6 ...

To that end, Arafat pledged to fight against the Jews and NEVER recognize the legitimate State of Israel while refusing to accept a Palestinian State because it would require recognition and acceptance of the viability of Israel. That’s why, as Mohammad had instructed his fighters, he returned, after each defeat, to fight again.

Arafat’s gone but the Palestinian jihadists continue to fight again and again.

Or haven’t you noticed? Before you shut down your operation in Israel, you should.

Understanding that jihadist intent is about as difficult as disposing of your ice cream that has lost its space in my freezer.

B.Koplen 7/22/21

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