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terryaki 61 M
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When someone views your profile.   11/18/2008

When someone views my profile, I am contacted by this site. They say that someone is interested in me. I think that they are NOT interested unless they leave a message, send a wave, wink, etc., or put you on their hotlist.

What do you think?

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Thanks, but not thanks   11/21/2006

No Thanks is a 1935 collection of poetry by E. E. cummings. He self-published the collection with the help of his mother and dedicated it to the fourteen publishing houses who turned the collection down. The book is unconventionally bound not on the left but rather the top, like a stenographer's pad.
No Thanks is a term used to politely refuse something.

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Just like any other word   4/12/2006

It's a pretty strong word but remember, 'You can do it ' Say it, practice it 'No thanx', 'No thanx', 'No thanx' That's it!!!!

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biggmamaz 60 F
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...Time to bid him Farewell!   2/8/2005

When you're threatened desertion by an angry lover, nicely say "No thanks, and goodby!" Never is it acceptable to resort to name calling and/or profanities. When it goes there, it's undoubtedly time to bid him farewell! It's been my experience, that when you truely love someone...somehow profanity escapes the mind...especially when angry!

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