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Jewish man - 10/22/2014

Are jewish man nice?

1 response(s), 1 vote
sweetwine79 38 F
1  question
Israeli men - 8/7/2012

Do israeli men intermarry with african women?

2 response(s), 2 votes
Sternendiener 52 M
1  question
Some Blogs are strange... - 2/16/2010

"I really want to make new friends"

"This site is so fantastic"


I have discovered that social activity is as much not being social as being social, since we have to beware, if not of others, of our own characteristics.

But at several sites I have found blogs with statements like these, then I have waited for weeks and there is no what so ever response! ...

2 response(s), 7 votes
panphilos_12 68 M
1  question
why julious ceasar was that great Idiot? - 2/10/2010

how better the world would had been if romans didnt manage to destroy or hold back the great Ancient Hellenic civilization what its ur opinion?

3 response(s), 2 votes
Mukus2U 64 F
2  questions
^~*^ Just Checking In ^*^~ - 8/26/2008

Hi all

Just checking in if anything new happened in the past 10 months

I just had a new haircut and would love to show it to you, but the way things go here, by the time they would post it, or anyone would notice this post, it will probably out of date by then

So tell me, what's new with you?


6 response(s), 15 votes
mrpibb33 46 M
2  questions
support from US - 6/14/2008

Countries like Israel, Iraq sure gets alot of support from us. What do we get from them?? It just seems like we get alot of grief from them.

7 response(s), 3 votes
mrpibb33 46 M
2  questions
Who do some female stay - 6/14/2008

Why do some of the females stay even though they get beat up? What makes it worse is that they say the bruises that they get is because they are clumsy.

3 response(s), 8 votes
ikeora 69 M
3  questions
Absolute Truth - 3/14/2008

I would like to know if there is anything likr !ABSOLUTE TRUTH!. Or can it exist.

5 response(s), 10 votes
Jahoda Witness do you know them? - 11/27/2007

Hi So I have this 2 Jehovah witness that cams to my home awry month or so and we talk abut is there is a god, or bay there words"" is there a creator who cares abut you? "" It is wary fun for me to argue abut religion staff whit them and to gat philosophic abut all, gust I am a good jaw and love to argue. But is it a normal thing to do or sold I just tall them to stop coming her to argue ...

7 response(s), 17 votes
haw do i hopen a e-mail??? - 11/2/2007

way cant i see the e-mail i gait . and mast i be silver member to reed e=mails i gait tank you

6 response(s), 31 votes
Mukus2U 64 F
2  questions
*^*^* Halloooo *^*^* - 10/27/2007

Every time I come here the picture hasn't changed a bit over the past month

No new topics ....

The same people ... standing still

Seems like everyone is waiting for someone else to make the first move

And when a new face appears ... s/he is not even welcomed

Why are you here?


6 response(s), 15 votes
i have see my ture lov - 8/14/2007

Hi my dear,

I want u in my life, am seening you as a kind of woman which i will be spaned a rest of my life with you,

This is my frist time seening you i love u so much, you knows why because i said this to God that who will frist come to my way, that she will be my angel and happeness to my life,

sweetheart i will send my pic to you soon and my contact, pls send yours ...

1 response(s), 7 votes
i need my ture love - 8/14/2007

Hi my dear,

I want u in my life, am seening you as a kind of woman which i will be spaned a rest of my life with you,

This is my frist time seening you i love u so much, you knows why because i said this to God that who will frist come to my way, that she will be my angel and happeness to my life,

sweetheart i will send my pic to you soon and my contact, pls send yours ...

7 response(s), 13 votes
ffallsupergal 39 F
1  question
should i date non-jewish people? - 9/5/2006

more of a question for serious relationships rather than just casual dates.

2 response(s), 11 votes
what is the history of the star of david? - 8/29/2006

what is the history of the star of david?

1 response(s), 4 votes
soft sex - 8/23/2006

What do ya think of touchy feelys on the first date ?

0 response(s), 7 votes
biggmamaz 60 F
9  questions
How Long? - 5/27/2006

How long does it take to fall out of love with someone, say for example, with someone that it took several months to fall in love with, in the first place. So, does it take longer to fall out of love with someone you were skeptical about in the first place...then took the plunge with?

2 response(s), 9 votes
What are you listening to? - 5/26/2006

What are you listening to right now?

1 response(s), 3 votes
truthfinder 70 M
1  question
is it possible for a gentile to become an israelite? - 3/10/2006

There is something very strange happening to me and i am not sure what it means! for the last few years i am finding myself somehow mysteriously being drawn to things Hebrew! i have had a number of apocalyptic type dreams involving myself and israel! i spend a fair amount of time reseaching the ancient hebrews! and reading scriptures. Lastly i have found this web site have become a member ...

4 response(s), 11 votes
biggmamaz 60 F
9  questions
Logic? - 2/21/2006

Do men want women on line (only), or his women all in a line? I mean, do men still want women to be only at their beck and call, without having to worry that the woman will try to contact him...isn't there something wrong with this kind of logic?

3 response(s), 8 votes
Merry Christmas! - 11/15/2005

I live in a very small town in an area that is about 99+% Christian church-going people and they take it for granted that everyone else is similar in faith. It's a very friendly area, where people who pass you on the street smile and say hello, even though they are strangers. I'm not Christian but sometimes it's just easier to reply back to them with the same greeting. How do you ...

9 response(s), 13 votes
What about ? - 11/2/2005

Well, what about ?

1 response(s), 2 votes
Kodakjack 60 M
1  question
Jews in Therapy - 9/21/2005

Why do we take so much pain? <br> I work for a non profit that deals with abused and neglected . <br> They throw a chair through the window and I board it up...constantly...Im so desensitized that if someone was bleeding on the floor I would step over them to fix the wiring. <br> Theirs plenty of Jewish women working around me . <br> But their ...

16 response(s), 9 votes
biggmamaz 60 F
9  questions
Saturday Nights... - 9/17/2005

Why is it so difficult to get a Friday or Saturday night date? After shabbot, of course...but really, seems like I was conditioned that trhise nights are for lovers...what am I doing wrong? Should I not speak with people throughout the week? Or, is it better to simply say.. "I'm sorry, but I can't think of a thing to say until Saturday nights..."

4 response(s), 9 votes
What's the biggest love? - 9/15/2005

I want to know the answer.

4 response(s), 3 votes
Adlerschwert 61 M
1  question
Aliyah- sind or obeyment? - 9/7/2005

Well, this question runs through the entire jewkind. Many orthodoxes say: "Sind, unless Mashiakh came!" Well, ic know it ist eritten in the book of Nevi'im. But that passage in HeskiEl chapter 37, 1-14 says like this: They will come home and will be transformed from inside out. So they will be new persons which is possible by the gentley touch of Yeshua. <br> There is another ...

2 response(s), 1 vote
On the Book of Solomon - 8/22/2005

Have any of you read 'The Book of Solomon'? ...Love Poems between a man & a woman? Do you understand its deep meanings? Did you enjoy the readings?

4 response(s), 5 votes
Wrong Author named on Responses - 8/22/2005

Ezerina Responded on the 22 Aug 2005 from New Zealand...To Questions asked, answered 12 last night...NZTime. I think theres been a mistake, can it be corrected? and how do I do it? I am only new to answering Questions for the magazine. my e-mail is: Jewish FriendFinder

0 response(s), 0 votes
biggmamaz 60 F
9  questions
A Beautiful Mind vs Reality - 7/24/2005

I hope I'm wrong, but it seems that men do not want to be bothered with coming into physical contact with women. Is this a distorted view from reality?

7 response(s), 7 votes
fdsf dsf dsf dsfdsfsd - 7/20/2005

or even about this site to our millions of members and you’re sure to get some interesting and valuable feedback! You may even find your question and handle mentioned in one of our lead articles. This earns great

0 response(s), 1 vote
jap59 65 F
1  question
Has anyone seen my profile? - 7/12/2005

I just entered, so please see my profile. I would like to make friends with men from USA or South America. Im a Colombian citizen living in Ecuador for 20 years. Both countries are great, and so do I.

1 response(s), 5 votes
PrettyJew 53 F
1  question
from internet to the first date - 4/21/2005

Do you feel its hard to progress from online conversations to real life ones?

2 response(s), 11 votes
JuliaVictoria 48 F
1  question
How to attract members to anew group on here? - 2/3/2005

Hello everyone, for all I see the community on here isn't all too active when it comes to groups. Does either one ofyou have an idea how to attract people to a new group? Thanks, Julia

0 response(s), 8 votes
biggmamaz 60 F
9  questions
A Fault? - 1/10/2005

Love keeps knocking at my door, so to speak... but I keep resisting it, as though it really can't happen...I have seen a lot of 'players' and know the difference between those and the sincere, yet I always allow for a way out, in case he changes his mind, about this a fault within me? Jen

4 response(s), 9 votes
ikeora 69 M
3  questions
Moralityand Politics - 12/28/2004

Is there any morality in the politics of our nation states today.

4 response(s), 2 votes
Celery 52 F
1  question
Anyone got some serious success stories to tell?! - 11/16/2004

I'm totally new to all this online dating business. Not dated any nice Jewish boys since I was 17, in fact they're probably all men now! Was just wondering if anyone has some cheery tales of long term relationships/marraige etc. Is there hope out there?! <br> x

3 response(s), 7 votes
biggmamaz 60 F
9  questions
Why? - 11/13/2004

I have fallen in love head over heals for the second time in my life. He, the second man, at this site....has said nor done anything to hold me. After chatting for 6 mo, is it time I moved on-want to or not? Jennie

4 response(s), 6 votes
biggmamaz 60 F
9  questions
I wonder... - 9/1/2004

Is there a short cut, for making another realize that it's time to settle down...with only one, hands on lover?

3 response(s), 5 votes
FlirtyCuteGuy 53 M
1  question
Spelling online - 8/16/2004

Why can't people online spell? Take the extra 15 seconds to check the spelling please. There isn't much online more annoying than people too lazy to spell the right way, whether on purpose or not.

3 response(s), 9 votes
biggmamaz 60 F
9  questions
Love after Love - 7/22/2004

Is there really love after love? How can a person that considers monogamy an ideal, fall in love with another, after divorcing? I'm in a delemma, here. Searching, Biggmamaz

6 response(s), 3 votes
biggmamaz 60 F
9  questions
isn't comitment there at every level of friendship/relationship? - 7/18/2004

I am a sagitarian/dragon who's attention is currently focused on a gemini/monkey. why can't he realize that because I am focused on only that one person-him, that this is a comitment. He seems to fear that it will never work out because of the reputation a sagitarian has. I think it would be better to include the homework on the person, and not only the signs. biggmamaz

5 response(s), 3 votes
dr_wahdan23 54 F
1  question
can you do? - 6/19/2004

have come across this a great deal lately and have learned to first ask. Don't lie...nothing will come of it. Why are you out looking in the first place? If you are unhappy in your marriage get out of it. And the excuse of " staying together for the " just does not cut it. are much better off with one happy parent then two miserable ones. I see no future in a relationship with a married ...

14 response(s), 3 votes
ikeora 69 M
3  questions
Can Money buy Happiness - 2/18/2004

A friend gave me a note which contains some statements like Money can not buy you happiness, Bed can not buy you sleep e t c but I am of the openion that money can buy happiness if well souced and the right market found. What do you say to this.

3 response(s), 0 votes
jeffmuch 57 M
1  question
Why are there so many games played? - 2/15/2004

It is so sad to me that there are so many single Jewish people looking for a partner. So many Jews look to non-Jews now because of the desperation to find a partner. Another reason that young Jews look to non-Jews is the amount of games played and rules followed by people. I am not sure why so many people play games and follow so many rules when life isn't so serious in many ways. If people ...

1 response(s), 3 votes