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gglintw 31 M
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Break my heart   12/15/2014

Break my heart Break my heart

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test article   6/3/2010

chinese simplified 这是一个犹太交友杂志举办的测试。

Spanish esta es una revista de ensayo para la estadificaci�n FriendFinder jud�a.

French copied from MS WORD Il s'agit d'un magazine d'essai pour la mise en sc�ne FriendFinder juive.

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ffallsupergal 37 F
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what's the best way to break up with someone?   9/5/2006

what's the best way to break up with someone?

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Tiberij 53 M
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How can not break up a gentleman?   4/18/2005

How can not break up a gentleman? <br> Breaking up a long relationship is a painful action. Probably no one likes doing and explaining it to his wife (spouse). So, what can not you do if you are a gentleman and do not love your wife anymore? First of all, you can not tell the truth about the disappeared love because who likes listening to the fact of being not lovable or old? You ...

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biggmamaz 60 F
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No Communication=No Relationship   2/6/2005

I just will never understand why dudes think when they "go away" that a woman is supposed to believe there's no source for communication between them-other than 'ESP'! I mean, come on, a post card would be the answer if there isn't an airwave up in the mountains to transmit a cell phone call...and or a local town's public phone booth. Yes, a post card would have sufficed. <br> ...

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biggmamaz 60 F
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When I know it's Time!   1/9/2005

Well, I think it's time to break up when during an intimate moment, a 20 yr old's, collegiate student's, stolen guitar becomes the priority of the moment, rather than to tell him to phone the police- we're talking Midnight, here. I think it's time to break up when a solmn promise to meet, has been broken on three occations. I think it's time to break up when the 'lovemaking' generalized ...

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biggmamaz 60 F
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Slumming -Brings Forth Loving-Anew!   11/5/2004

I did what I did and I am not sorry for it... I tried to say what, as I'd done what was needed- All because...I had felt so cheated. But, that's ok, he still doesn't care! Just another.... day, For a Guy Fawkes display! And, as he watches the fireworks burst He'll remember he was first..... Then, be on his merry way! <br> I explained, as after all was said and done, ...

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