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lonelyjewboy 33 M
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Hello all   9/22/2010

Okay I have been a member on this site for a while. I am just now getting a chance to feel the site out. I hope to get to know you all very well here.

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Does it bother you if I'm not Jewish?   7/23/2006

Just wondering if it matters a lot that I am noy Jewish- although I'd consider learning about the religion n possibly practicing it- I hope I don't offend n e 1 but I am just curious if it is a big deal...

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oshie 60 M
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Write a NEW story...   9/20/2005

So many delightful talented and creative people... stifled unknowingly by information. Lies about what is, what isn't, what shouldn't be, and what can't be. Stories designed to contain, and restrain, the spirit and imagination. Googles of CNN suffocating possibilities, and making eunichs of both men and women.... depriving all of sensuality, sexuality, and play. Forget all.... feel, ...

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Tiberij 54 M
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Wilde ?   5/6/2005

I would like to discuss this question: Why are modern wilder than 30 years ago? I have only one guess: They might need being pet but they do not get it at home and in school either. At home parents are tired, in school teachers are afraid of touching not to be accused in pedophilia. Does anyone has a better expanation?

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dr_wahdan23 50 F
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can you do it?   6/26/2004

What if after you got married, the warm, outgoing, very sexy person you thought you had married now becomes a boring person who likes to stay at home all the time and has little interest in sex. You feel like you're going crazy, suddenly you're married to someone completely different. This person is supposed to be your partner for life, but it feels more like a life sentence--stuck at home ...

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