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Veroniky17 said
Hi!!! My name is Veronica and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I met Tim through freindfinder, and we are so in love!!! I searched the personals here about a year ago, and found his picture. He was adorable, so I emailed him and he replied. We only live 2o minutes away from each other, so it worked out great! He's my angel and I really want to thank you. The scary thing is that his membership was gold or something, and when I found him. his membership was about done, and then his pic and stuff went offline soon after we met. It was fate and destiny that we met!!!:)A true love story that I wanted to share with you:)THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS WEBSITE, AND FOR MAKING IT POSSIBLE FOR US TO MEET!!!:) We are so in love, and want to get married and have a family someday. For right now I am in college, and a bit young for marriage, so we are going to wait a little bit.Thank you again! When we look into each other's eyes, it's magic and love from Heaven!!!:) Take Care&God Bless Always!!!:) I will try to keep you posted on how everything is going:) Sincerly, Tim's Gorgeous Little Kitty
pleeezepickme said
thank you friendfinder: i met my soulmate!she's the most perfect lady i could ever meet. this is a great service, and reasonable to subscribe to. two thank you's from "pleeezepickme" and "fordwoman".we won't be answering any e-mail's anytime soon.
sweettalk22 said
Three Years ago I bought a computer and started fulltime looking for the man of my dreams....I went on all the chat lines and started chatting....I heard about from someone on ICQ so then I went to your site and filled out the questionaire...I got emails from friendfinders with a lot of men that matched my profile...Then when I was about to give up and delete every chat line from my computer....I got a email from friendfinders with five men that matched my profile and there was one that said email him to me so I did...I started talking with a man from Holland June 26th 2001 and August 7th 2001 I drove to Winnipeg Manitoba to pick him up at the airport...We spent three beautiful weeks together. Made the past two years of crying myself to sleep from loneliness seem not so important to me...Three days before he was due to jump on the plane to come back to holland he asked me to come and spend christmas with his family and him....I said * like how will I afford to do that on $6.50 and hour....He told me that he would pay for my flight to holland and back home to Canada. I said yes...I sent him back home as I cried all the way to the airport in Winnipeg and most of the way back home to Swan River. The next four months before Christmas we spent talking day and night on the computer through instant messages and we never ran out of things to talk about. On December 20th 2001 I jumped on the plane to fly for the first time in my life to Holland....It was a long flight but I ended up staying in Holland .....On January 8th I applied for my Visa to stay here in Holland and February 5h I got my Visa to stay here...March 14th, 2002 Rene asked me to marry him and I said YES! July 29th, 2002 at 4 Pm Holland time Rene and I were married in Zevenaar and August 7th Jumped on the plane again to Canada to Honeymoon and for him to meet my Kamloops BC!
Dreams do come true and with all that you hear about the internet and how people are beaten and hurt and stuff like that .....This happens to be a happy ending to my life time of hurt....I was very lucky to meet someone like Rene and his family....I thank God every day for sending me someone to love and I really thank for helping find him as well.....Thank you so much!
There is some more to tell like the little things but my hands are soar from typing at the moment...if you wish to know more you can email me here at Friendfinder
special473 said
my name is mary.i was told about this website by a friend and decided to join.i don't regret joining because i've found a special friend thru friendfinder.we got to meet and now we're very good friends.thanks to friendfinder.
lovedoct said
I recently met someone very special on and thanks to you guys, I would have never found this wonderful person in a million years if it wasn't for you guys. Frankly I think that big thanks are in order here from myself. Besides, your website is designed very well, very user-friendly which I cannot say for a lot of other websites of this category. The people who designed this website and also the person who put this concept online are real professionals and it shows. This is the kind of website we all needed and finally someone like you guys came up with it, so agian I do thank you so very much for doing this for us. The amount of money we have to pay to be a Gold member is only a small price to pay in order to get what we are getting - and what we are getting is the very best. By meeting this woman, I never have been so happier in my life because she is definitely the woman I was looking for in every way and your reward is that I owe it all to you guys. Thank you so very much for being there for us.
haikik said
To the great people at Friendfinder, Hi to you all, My name is Dr.Love10 and sitting beside me is Haikik. We were both members, let me stress the word WERE. I'm from northern Alberta in Canada and Haikik is an Armenian working in Moscow. We started writing to each other on the 16th. of November, 2001 though your dating service and we never looked back. We went from writing faithfully every day, to phoning each other every day to myself gathering mega airmiles flying between Calgary and Moscow (which by the way is 14 hours in the air). Thanks to your service I went from a lonely 38 year old, to the happiest 38 year old in the world. I was for certain that I would spend my mid life alone but because of you I found the love of my life. There was never no doubt in my mind about knowing this was the girl for me. When I got off of the plane in Moscow and our eyes met for the first time, I knew that some day I was going to marry this girl. That first trip to Moscow was unbelievable we connected in person as we had for many letters and phone calls. That first trip to Moscow was 3 trips ago. Now I find myself in Hasmik's home country of Armenia, and in 5 days we are getting married. My family is flying in from Canada and then the wedding will take place and the fairy tale will be complete. Thank You for every thing without you Hasmik and I would have never met. I have a beautiful wife and two great children and owe you more thanks than I can possibly ever give. Thank you, Hasmik and Jim.
darkknight64 said
Dear FriendFinder and clients thereof,
On April 12th, 2002; AprilShowers17 contacted me through your e-mail service. She pointed out to me that we had several interests in common. I went through our profiles and found that she was right. We passed e-mails back and forth and not too long afterwards, began to call each other. We were pretty sure we were falling in love.
She came to Houston on May 24th, 2002 and we spent three unbelievably marvelous days together. Since then I have joined her in Atlanta for my vacation and spent a weekend with her in Nashville. She was just back in Houston this past week. We have looked at and decided on rings and are beginning to plan our wedding. We have set the date for May 24th, 2003. That's one year after we first laid eyes on each other.
She is beautiful, sexy, intelligent, funny, talented and supremely motivated. I'm ordinary, laid-back, intelligent, observant, silly and the luckiest man in the history of the universe. I thank FriendFinder for this medium which gave us the chance to get to know each other before we actually went on a date. I had just about given up on finding my special someone and was ready to be everyone's crazy pal. I now have the chance to have an instant family because she has a wonderfully bright and happy five year old boy. I'm getting into this a little later in life, but it is definitely worth the wait.
Thanks Again, Darkknight64
Starfinder45 said
Hi I just wanted to write and say Thank You. If not for you I would not have met my future husband. We are the best of friends. I really didn't believe I had a soul mate till I met him. Now my life is so much happier. I really don't know what I would do with out him. We have been talking for over a year now and are making plans to move in together. I can't say enought about him he is just amasing. He is the type of person everyones mom wished they had in the family. Well till next time Thank You very much for helping me meet my soul mate.
Bronnie7 said
shedman50 and Bronnie7 - We met on the Internet on 28th Feb 2002, fell in love on our first date on 7th March 2002, moved in together on our second date 14th March 2002 and getting married on 18th August 2002.
My partner had over 100 contacts prior to me... I had over 40 contacts...and then suddenly we connected. All the signs indicated we were not compatible but they were all wrong! After a long and difficult marriage for me and two for him, God pushed our paths together. We believe we are being rewarded for our difficult times in the past by finding each other and falling in love. We are totally committed to each other and looking forward to our future lives together. Thank you and good luck to everyone else finding your true love. Don't give up hope.
OjosTristes said
My name is Crystal and I'm a 29 yr old mother of four children, recently seperated..I met someone very special here on friendfinder..I traveled from New Jersey to California to be with him..I took a big chance and I don't regret my decision one bit..He has taught me how to love again..I finally know what true love is..My handle was Ojos Tristes and his was Vamprick..THANKYOU!!
cojavim said
I was reading the succes stories here, and i'm very glad and happy that i have a wonderful love story too... My husband and I met here in Friendfinders too, and after almost 3 years of great relationship we finally got married in march 2002 and now we are getting ready to finally share our life together.. For me it's a magical story and i want to share with everybody... i got his first message on novembre 15th 1999, and since that first message, we have been in contact everyday.... we live very far away, me in South America and he in Europe, but since the first moment we were always in contact by letters, emarils, ecards, normal mail service, phone, internet, faxes and in all and every message whe exchanged, we just confirm that we were in love and crazy for eachother... We finally met for real in january 2001, and it's was just MAGIC... we fall in love again in real as we did on the net.... he, me and his little daughter ... we realized we were made for eachother and that we wanted to be a family... We met together again this year -2002- and we finally could get married and reached our dream... now we are going for the biggest goal for us: we want to build a life together and we want to make the other one, as much as happy as possible... Thanks Friendfinders... to give us the chance to meet among millions of people .... we know now we were made for eachother, but thanks to you Friendfienders, is that we could met....
TruckerG68 said
Hi. I want to shave my story of how your service ( changed my life! I became a Gold member around January'02. I had just broke up with a girl I had met on the internet and learned that everything she had told me and everything we had based our relationship was a lie! I was very discouraged about the internet. I met lots of nice people here on FriendFinder from around the world and close to where I live as well. Unfortunatly no one seemed to be what I was looking for. I began to give up on this site as well and would just logg online while I did something around the house. About the time I had decided I would cancel my membership and also get rid of the internet a girl from FriendFinder contacted me on the instant messenger service. We chatted for only a short time but right away I knew there was something about this conversation that I couldn't find with others. We got to know more about eachother, as we chatted about everyday! In a very short time I was excited to find this lady had similar interests as myself and seemed to be what I was looking for.After the disheartening experience with the previous girl I decided to meet this one in person as soon as I could to find out if everything was real or not. I went to meet her and to my delight everything was more than I could have hoped for! She was far more than I could have imagined ever meeting. I wanted to marry her right away! She said yes! So we did and our parents gave us both, their blessings. I really think even though we have only known eachother a very short time...I feel we are soul mates on so many levels! This is just so ammazing to me that I had to send along our story and tell everyone at FriendFinder......THANK YOU! We are not yet able to live together as we are from different countries, but when we are and have spent a little time together I plan to write again and update our story. The one thing I really want to pass along is......IT IS TRUE WHEN PEOPLE SAY "There is someone for EVERYONE!" keep hope and keep looking. Best wishes, And again THANKS Everyone at for yourwonderful service! George
reiheng said
Hello, friends on the, I can't help to share my successful story with every one. It is not a long story, but it is so great and so true!!! I am a 29 years old girl from China. Everyone knows that it is a bit old age for a Chinese girl who not marry. And besides, I almost lost my faith on this service of after an unsuccessful online dating. But at this hard time, God gave me a hand and let me meet him, GEORGE, my true love in my life. It was a nice winter morning on Feb.18th 2002, I had nothing to do but to be online again. I logined the instant message center here on no intention. THANK GOD, I MET HIM AT LAST!!! After that, we began to email and chat each other often. Very soon, I found happily that we are in common very much, or we can read the mind each other. What a wonderful feeling it is!!! I have never been so happy before. I believed that my searching is over. We falled in love so much!!! After 100 days, he came to China for one reason, marring to me!!! Everyone congradulation for us. And we are sure our wonderful couple life begin from now, and we believe that it will be forever!!!!! So thank you very very much for this, And hope every one who want to find the soul mate of his or her life will success here just like us!!! THANK AGAIN!!! Jing
KYGal18 said
Hi! I was never a believer of finding someone online. i have friends that would meet guys online and set up dates, but they never ended up being a lasting relationship. But after waiting for months to "meet" someone, I decided to put a profile up on friendfinder. At the time I just wanted to have someone to talk to and get advice on guys I posted. Within a week of posting my profile I began talking to Runnerky. He gave me an email address and an msn name, so we chatted online for an entire summer before realizing that we were going to be attending the same college in the fall! However, over the summer I met someone at home and we began to date. Things between Runnerky and I continued on a friendship basis, it was great to talk to someone who had also been in a bad relationships such as myself. He was a great friend. Shortly after I had moved to college my bf and i went through a terrible break up... HE CHEATED ON ME!!! But one nite online Runnerky came to my rescue and made me feel alot better. That night I decided to invite him over to my dorm room ASAP, I wanted to meet him. We had exchanged pics and I already knew he was VERY CUTE, and it seemed odd to me that I could have met him online. Sometimes its hard for attractive people to get dates too, I had problemswith guys and I am by no means "Ugly". Anyway.. the next day I saw him online and I asked him to meet me at my dorm that night. MY best friend was with me when we met for the first time. He was shy, and I am not, but somehow we had an instant connection. Soon after that he asked me out, and since then we have been inseparable. I see him at least every few days and we talk every night. :) He is the guy I dreamed of meeting my entire life, and we plan to spend the rest of our lives together after college. On Sept. 20 we will be together for one yr...and many more to follow. THANK YOU FRIENDFINDER, you helped me meet my soulmate and my love.
bell1313 said
Bell1313, In early Janurary 2000 I received an email from ShyGuy, we began dating, soon we always wanted to be togehter. On April 28, 2002 we were married in front of all of our families and friends. i never believed this would work, however it worked better than i ever imagined. I found the man of my dreams and could not imagine what would have happened if i did not open that email. Thank you.
kaseywestcoast said
Dear Friendfinder..............I want to share this story & thankyou for finding the man of my dreams. During 2001 I found myself thinking that there would not be a someone special for me. I had tried several online dating services, but nothing worked out. Then January 1, 2002 I received an email from Friendfinder with a "match" for me. At first I was reluctant to read it as I was tired of past failures. But something kept saying " open it open it". After I read the profile I said to myself "wow".....we have almost everything in common. I had to read it several times to reconfirm that. YES! There was no picture, but because of the extensive bio you provide, I knew that whatever he looked like we had much in common. I sent him a message & picture. Well, friendfinder, that was over 5 months and we have been inseparable since!! He has been the mate I have been looking for all my life. He also feels the same way. I attribute that to Friendfinder's very thorough biography that is provided. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am now a very happy & fulfilled woman.
elliotssleeping said
I would just like to thanks all at Friendfinder for the fantastic service you offer. I wont bore you with a long story but briefly I live in the UK and Natasha lives in Eastern Russia so you could not traval further for your soulmate! After meeting on your site early in 2001 and after 12 months of emails and long phone calls in the night we arranged to meet in Cyprus in January and were simply crazy about each other. This was followed by an amazing 3 weeks in Eastern Russia when I flew there to meet Natasha's family and friends. We have got engaged and plan to marry soon. This has been a series of life changing events for both of us and if it were not for all at Friendfinder this, like so many other success stories would never have happened. Thank you.
waheed_bhatti said
Dear friends I was feeling so much alone in my life and two years b4 i hearedabout friendfinder and then i started search in there really I was feeling day by day very wel and one day i found one there and she through me out from the world of lonliness nothing is this world for me with out her. I really love her so much we always met in reall and now we are going to marry, I always Pray for people like me to be like me in futre Regards Waheed_bhatti
River77 said

I would like to share my story with Friendfinder because my experience has been very positive. In fact, I just got married on May 04th and had a honeymoom in Greece; soo romantic.
Michael and I started to date 15 months ago and we immediately connected. We are very compatible and enjoy many activities together. It did not happen right away. I have met other people before on Friendfinder and made some friends. It was fun at first. Then I met someone special and had my heart broken once but got over it. I got smarter and looked for someone that would be more compatible with me. To tell you a bit about ourselves, we are both in our 40s andraised our children and are at this stage in life where you can enjoy a bit more freedom. It is fantastic when you find someone who is in the same place in life and there really are no compromise because you need the same things. When we met, we lived about 600 miles apart and commuted every 2 weekends. That was a commitment! But we kept it up and after a year, Michael moved to where I am. We started to plan the wedding a couple of months after he arrived and now we are together. So, long distance relationships do work with the right intentions and commitment. I hope that other people find what we have. It is wonderful. If I have some advice to give, I would say : Don't settle for anything less than what you need and what you deserve. There is someone out there just for you. Believe in it first and be yourself. Honesty is the only way to do it. Good luck and thank you Friendfinder.
aLLEN496 said
Hi FROM aLLEN496...AND...aqua31_66
We would like to thank friend finder for being reponsible for bringing us together, we both used and met on friend finder back in feb of this year......we are now to be married on the 20th of june 2002.
The story behind our lives before and since meeting....i myself had been using friend finder for only 2 months before i met Yeng (aqua3166) i had spoken to many very nice people and but was still struggerling to find that mrs right for me .....then i started talking to Yeng we hit it off straight away spending hours talking to each other on ff...then it grew to talking on the telephone and finally our first meeting.Yeng was working in Hong Kong at the time so i arranged a holiday there to meet this woman who had stolen my heart, i had a three week holiday from work ...the first week we spent in Hong Kong together always laughing and joking together, there she shown me the sites and we had a great time, with two more weeks to go i surguested we go to her home place back in the Philippines which we did, ,, ,, her parents died when she was very young so she was brought up by her brothers and was with one of her brothers and his family we stayed, ,, the family was very nice and we had a lovely time ....while there we tried to get married but was unable to because of licsence problems.Anyway when i returned back home to england the first thing i did was to get the neccerssay papers so when i returned we could get married, i now return to the philippines on 9th of june as our wedding as been arranged for 20th of june and i will be staying there for six weeks, by that time we are hoping Yeng can get a visa to return to england with me, I would personly like to thank friend finder myself for there professanly running a great meeting point, I was divorced 12 years and feeling very low and beginning to think i would never find the right person for me, ,, ,, i had a bitter divorce and had lost all trust in women and not even wanting a relationship for several years..then after about 10 years on my own i was looking for that special person that i could put my trust in again and it was here that i found her, For years i had that yerning to be part of a family again but for some reason or another i keep it to myself spending time only at work or at home never going out as im a none drinker so dont socailise much, Yeng as never been maried before although she as a daughter named Joyce who is a great kid and i love her to pieces, Joyce is 12years old and never knew her father so had never known what it was like to have the comfort of a father figure, but she as now and we as a family have lots of time to make up for, So thank you friend finder for being there when we both needed you, keep up the good work and im sure, we as a couple are only a minority of people you have made happy.
grlygirl1 said
hi all... dreams do come true... after 17 years of not seeing each other, my new mate and imade a re-connection here... we had gone to high school togetherand knew each other in passing... in march we re-connected and have been inseparable eversince... thanks so much being available for all us singles to findmates or to find one another again.. more news as time goes on.. keep hoping and dreaming cuz dreams come true!!!!!!
jempy232 said
Hi Friends of Friendfinder,
We, KUKU777 and Jempy232 met each other on Friendfinder, the 4th of October 2001, KUKU contacted me, I am a Belgian, she is a Russian, I never even thought about a relationship with a Russian woman ! But she made me curious, I wanted to know something more about the Russian way of living, so I answered?. We got married at the 4th of March 2002 in Dmitrov (Russia).
Thank you Friendfinder !
PoohBear7573 said
Thank You Friend Finder. In August of last year I met a wonderful man on this site. We sent a couple e-mails back and forth then met on Septemer 2nd for the first time. We hit it off right away. We are planning to be married on September 22, 2002. I just wanted to let people know that all people you meet on the internet are not crazy. The best advise I could give is trust you instincts. Be honest, it worked for me. I met a wonderful guy named Christopher. He is the love of my life. Thank you friend finder.
pierrot68 said
Thanks You "friendfinder" , you just proved to me that you can found love on the net , without your site i could still be out there searching ... thanks again !!! pierrot68
ps; trust me when i said you can "know" from the first letter
kayjuncutie said
I met Kevin 7 months ago. I liked his profile so I wrote him a short note, he immediately responded. Through various emails we discovered a mutal friend. Needless to say I quickly called this friend up to get all the scoop on Kevin. The feedback was wonderful, more than I really had hoped for. Here was someone in my own backyard with all the qualities that I've been looking for. And to top it off he seemed to like me too. It didn't take long for us to set up a meeting. We met at a local restaurant and as soon as our eyes met I knew that he was special. We talked and talked for hours, we had to leave the restaurant and continue talking in the car because it was so late. The next morning I received a beautiful plant from Kevin that still is alive and well at my office. We met again a couple of days later for a company function that our mutual friend was having and everyone there were saying that we should've met a long time ago. After that we began seeing each other exclusively and it's been going great. We are now engaged and just bought a house that we are moving into in just 3 weeks. We plan to get married by the end of summer or maybe sooner. Thanks to friendfinder and sending out that one email my life is the happiest its ever been.
doctracey said
We first met on the Friend Finder site in Feb. 10, 2002. I saw her profile and picture and immediately wanted to write to her. I noticed her profile was nearly a year old and thought she must have already found who she was looking for. I decided to take a chance and write. To my suprise she wrote back on Valentines day. By the way, she lives in Morocco and I in the USA. I immediately stopped conversing with any others. Something about her just captured all my attention. After talking nearly every day I decided to take a trip to Morocco to meet her in person. On April 23, 2002 I left the US and arrived the next day in Morocco. She greeted me at the airport along with her Mother and cousin. I recognized her immediately and it was love at first sight. Over the next several days we walked, talked and saw many sights. I knew that even if I could live another 100 years I would never find a more perfect match. Luckily she also felt the same way. I asked her to marry me and she said YES. We are currently making the wedding and immigration visa plans and hope to be married in the next couple months. People told me I was looking for too much and would never find all I was looking for in one woman. On the contrary, I have found all I was looking for and so much more. I can't thank you enough for your site. It is truly a great service to bring to two people together that otherwise would never have met. I have found the woman of my dreams and God willing will spend the rest of my life with her. Words cannot express my heartfelt appreciation.
strawberry1970 said
When I first joined Friend finder I looked thru hundreds of profiles, I sent mail to a few and got replies from a few.. one man in particular really kept my interest, we chatted regularly for a few weeks and then decided to meet. (we kept finishing each others sentences in chat.. knew that we were on the same wave length) He came down here to see me (2 hour drive)... we had dinner and then came back to my house.. I remember being so attracted to him, I just wanted to reach over and touch his arm when we were in the car, later that evening I got up enough courage to ask if I could kiss him, he agreed (thank-goodness) and after we kissed I knew this was one special man... I never felt such a tingle in my body before. Now, 5 months later we are planning our wedding and we will be wed June 29th 2002. I think friend finder offers a wonderful service, I could not afford to pay for an expensive membership like other singles boards charge (single mother raising 3 kids, no extra cash for something that didnt guarantee results, lol) I am reccomending this service to all of my single friends. I found the man of my dreams here, he is everything I have always dreamed of and more, and he likes me too :)
Marquess said
I had been looking for someone to share the rest of my life with for 5 months when Robert found me on FriendFinder. We e-mailed for about a month before meeting in person. After 6 months Robert proposed to me, while paddling down the Chattahoochee in his kayak (one of the activities I listed on my profile that I enjoyed doing). Robert is a reserved guy who doesn't meet people easily, and I work from home, so I never get to meet people. FriendFinder was the perfect way to 'get out there' and find someone. Okay, so you have to be dedicated to the search, and careful, as there are a lot of strange people out there, but in the end true love could be waiting for you just around the corner (or in that next profile). Thanks FriendFinder for helping me find my knight in shining armor. - Jane
marawanda said
Hello, i just want to send a note to thank to FF because it has changed my life, i signed in to this page one day i was so bored and also i was so sick of guys in my town but i only did it in a way to spend my time you know? i have known wonderfull people through the page but i also met my soulmate, he came to México in January and that was love at the very first sight.... we spent five days together, the best time of my life, after he left i was so afraid that he probably wouldn't call me again, but instead, we became closer, and we fall so deeply in love..... he is coming back next june and we are going to get engaged, but we will get married until next year and i am the happiest girl in the world!!!!! and by the way baby if you are reading this i just want to tell you that i love you so much!!!!!!
Alba1998 said
Hello Friendfinders! I want to share my story with You. I have met nice people in your site but I happend to find "THE one" about 3 years ago. His profile seemed to be perfect...and it was, indeed! I am mexican, I was living in Mexico City and he is dutch, living in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. After 3 years, we are married for a year, I live in Amersfoort and things are just better than before. Our secret? Just be yourself and be very honest... if your ad describes who you are and what you want/don't want, you will find it. And it works!!!lots of success for everyone!
wm3381 said
I am just writing to let you know that thanks to FriendFinder, I have met my perfect partner. We started off as friends as she is from a differant country from me. But gradualy we fell in love and stayed in contact every night. Our feelings became so stong for one another that I have just returned from a two week vacation after visiting her. I love her very much and know that she is the one for me. The thousands of miles couldn't keep us apart and I think of her every moment of every day. All that remains is to plan when she is coming over to live with me so that we can spend the rest of our lives together. I always knew that I would travel the world to find the perfect partner and I have indeed done that and found her. All thanks to your site. So Sarah if you are reading this, it is our success story and our future now. I love you. Wayne xxx
nfb77 said
I had great success with friendfinder. I starting talking to my new significant other several months ago. We talked for quite some time, and eventually we met. It has been great ever since. We both like each other very much and see a great future together. It was strange at first with the whole internet thing, but have concluded that, even though it is strange, it has brought out nothing but good! So, I wish that all of you have the same success that I did with FriendFinder :)
6SPEED said
Back in oct, 2001, i met a nice lady, thru friendfinder, now we are making plans to see each other, on week ends, when i can take off, to drive 500miles to see has been a new experience for me to talk, and communicate over the net to someone with the same valves i have.we have a good relationship going and possibile marriage in thefuture
Shinydiamond said
I have made some lovely friends and also met some really nice people on Friendfinder. Now I am in a relationship with a gorgeous guy. We met through friendfinder, started as friends and now we have totally fallen in love with each other. He was Cosmoss and I was Shinydiamond. We have both closed our profiles now as we feel like our missing piece of the jigsaw of life is now complete. We are away on holiday for a week from 15 February and we plan to move in together end of March. We met last October 2001. We clicked so well from the first night we met, and both were amazed that we had found a person with both looks and personalities we have desired for a long time. Thank you friendfinder
angel_0415 said
this is such an awesome site! i signed up with u guys in may and made several friends all over the world. then in october i met richard...and feel for him! thank you soooo much! if u werent there i might have never found my baby
caramia69 said
I have met JO-LEA back in july at FF and now we are having a baby thank you FF
GUEST said
Approximately 2 years through your website I met a wonderful man, nevertheless the idea was just being friends, little by little we came closer and closer, we were long-distance friends, in my case living in North America and he in Europe, we don't know how this happened, the thing is now we are a happy married couple living in Europe and with many dreams and goals to reach together. We would like to thank FRIENDFINDER for being the mediator of our successful unit.
Hi I joined frienfinder about 2 months ago & I met the most wonderful man who also was a member of friendfinder & we emailed for awhile & than we met in person & have been seeing each other as much as possile, we have fallen so completely in love with each other & we are going to spend the rest of our lives together, & without friendfinder that would never have happened & we want to thank you so very much
laney-- said
Hi there every one, i first wrote back in october about how happy i was well i wanted to write again to let you know how happy i still am.being in love is the best and iam so glad i joined ff because i would never of meet the man of my dreams so iam just writing again to say thank you and there is hope for everyone so keep looking and just be yourself.........good luck xxxxxxx
GUEST said
Dear Friendfinder, i just want to thank you.ifot a messge from someone interested in me 3 months ago. i was in the process of moving so i answerd him & told him i was moving . i kept his letter. 3 months later in dec. i sent him a letter asking if he was still interested. i thought i would maybe hear from im in a week of maybe a month but... he answered me in about 5 min.... i was so x-cited. we kept answering each other for a few hrs then i gave him my phone #. he called within 10 min. we talked for 3 hrs that nite. i was sooo happy. we decided on a date that weekend. it was sun. afternoon. he made me a wonderful dinner. we talked for hrs. we are so much alike it's scary.. we spent the weekend together. had christmas nite together , New Years Eve, . he was on vacation for the week. told me it was the best vacation he ever had. we do so much together. we enjoy the smallest things together. even taking his dog(Bear) for a walk. Bear really took to me too. everything seems so right. we talk as much as we can. when we 're not together. i miss him so much . it seems so perfect.we both appreciate the smallest things we do for each other.he is so special to me. he's such a wonderful man. my special person in my life... i'm glad both of us finally found what we were looking for all our lives. we're planning on doing alot together with our new lives ..maybe hopefully one day he will ask me to marry him... i defineately will accept... & spend the rest of my life happy forever... thnx to friendfinder... kim
honeybaby_79 said
I've met the most wonderful guy on friendfinder about 8 months ago. We are still together and very happy. This is the type of man anyone would be proud to have.
YoungStudsBaby said
I met the man of my dreams in friendfinders, he makes me so happy and I love him with all my heart and soul, and he loves me we have been through alot together, he is a very good person there is nothing I wouldnt do for him and he feels the same for me, we plan on living together in the Spring, we will make each other so happy. thanks friendfinder....Jennifer
acidfloyd said
I am currently dating someone who I met on Friend Finder. She is very attractive, intelligent, around the same age as me, and she is looking for the same things out of life as I am. This girl is everything I'm looking for in a woman, and she is perfectly normal. I can definately see a future with her. I met her after only 6 weeks as a member. Even if this doesn't work out, I've met some great people in the city I recently moved too, which was the main reason I became a member. Thanks Friend Finder!
bunnybaby said
I would like to say thank you to the team at friend finder.I first spoke to Andrew last April.We arranged to meet that Friday night.He came to pick me up and we hit it off.I was not looking for anything long term on the first date.My attitude was "if it happens, it happens"and it did.We have been together for over 7 months now and we are getting married next August.Thank you Friend Finder for making all my dreams come true!I would recommend you to all my friends who are looking for the right person to share their lives with.From Bunnybaby.
PhreaqUK said
I just wanted to write to let you know that I have your site to thank for my upcoming marriage. Myself and Vicky (both from London, UK) are getting married on 28th December 2001 and will be flying out to New York to spend our honeymoon there on 29th December.
I had been a member of Friendfinder for a couple of months before I received my first e-mail from Vicky. I had looked at a couple of similar sites before but had never been that impressed by what I saw. I thought that I had nothing to lose by replying, even though I didn't expect anything to come of it. A couple of days after that first e-mail I arranged to chat with Vicky . We spent a good few hours that day chatting and, that same evening, I telephoned her and spent over an hour talking to her on the phone. Two days later we met for the first time and, from the first moment that we laid eyes on each other, we both knew that this was going to be something special. 7 weeks later we were engaged, a month after that we went away on holiday together to Greece and as soon as we got back we moved in together.
Now I am, in reality, a very shy person and I would never had had the nerve to approach Vicky if I had seen her in a bar or somewhere like that. Being able to talk to her via e-mail first really helped me to get over that difficult "first contact" and gave me the confidence that I needed to meet her without feeling too uncomfortable. I have found the woman of my Destiny...and I very much doubt if it would have happened at all if it had not been for this site! Thank you all.

It was my first time using an online dating site and I hadheard plenty of stores from other people saying that it was only perverts and social rejects that used them! I filled out all of the forms in full and received replies but I was searching through one day and came across PhreaqUK, who I liked the look of so much that I sent an e-mail to him. After a week or so I hadn't received a reply from him and thought that he wasn't interested as my photo was not uploaded. I thought that I would try one more time and, lo and behold, I received a reply. He said that he had not received the first e-mail.
We started to use Messenger and the more we chatted, the more I felt comfortable. We then spoke and I thought that his voice was absolutely amazing and we arranged to meet a few days later.
He is, effectively, my ideal man that I would not have met, or could not have met, if I had not sent that e-mail. We are due to be married now and I could not be happier.
Sweetiegrrl4u said
Dear FriendFinder, I want to thank you for all your help. I have found the greatest man on here. He wrote me one day and I was looking through my mail and I almost deleted his messege, but I thought what the heck and so I read it. After I talked to him for a while, we finally met on my Birthday. He was the kindest, most generous, man I have ever met. I am so excited to what the future has in store for us. I'm sure it will be wonderful. Thanks again.
Sencerly Cindy
GUEST said
Dear Friendfinder Team,
I'd like to thank you the opportunity of finding my mate, Paul on Friendfinder. He is from Australia and me from Hungary, so we have been only pen friends for 5 months, but now finally six weeks ago he arrived here to Budapest. While we have been changing letters we became lovers as well, so we began to plan our wedding at the end of July. Now the great day has arrived, we are going to marry this Saturday on the 15th of December at two'o clock. Please let me know if you would like to get a photo of us from the wedding. Many thanks to you all, again
dheea25 said
I met Bobalucci in Jan 2001. I forgot the date, it was between 18th or 19th. It was by coincidence when the first time for me to try a message centre. The first time I was interested of his handle name because it sounded funny. We live in different side of the world, he is in U.S and I am in South East Asia.
Since that day, we talked in the private chat room & emails almost everyday. We would miss each other if we didn't talk just only a day. I really have had a great experience with him. We continued to talk on the phone. While the first time I heard his voice, I know he is a nice, pleasant, funny and pretty crazy guy (that's what I like!) :)
On the Feb 14th, he sent me a surprise - a cute teddy bear with 6 red roses. At that time, I was thinking, this guy was really crazy. I never expected that he would send me a surprise. I was extremely happy to receive it, I will not forget how was I felt on that day.
Time goes by very fast. We have knew each other for almost 11 months. It has happened for both of us the ups and down to test our love. Sometimes, we feel that it is very hard to have a long distance relationship but until now, we can handle it. next 10 days (Dec 20th), I will see him. I'll be going to U.S to see him and his family. Now, we are counting the days. WE WILL MEET IN REAL!!!!!!!! Both of us can't wait to see each other. Everyday I feel very excited to wait the big day. Bobalucci, saya sayang kamu!!!!!
robbiegirl21 said
I meet a guy from friendfinder he is the sweetist guy I have ever met.He drove all the way from Rochester NY to Niagara falls to see me 2 days in a row! Even though he had to go to school at 12pm and work till 11pm he still drove here and back!! I just wanted to thank friendfinder for helping me find the man of my dreams!!!!
BreesArchangel said
I have been with Friend Finder for 9 Months, looking for that special someone, after a few failures at that, was close to just giving up, feeling it was time to delete my profile and carry on somewhere else. I spoke to a friend about this, and he said to give it a bit more time, I decided the next morning to see what was going on in the Pool Room, a place I frequented with many of the friends i met there. That day a woman approached me, handle Breelyn. It was the first time I had ever seen her in that room, we started to talk, over FF at first, me respecting her wishes to form a friendship first, soon we exchanged MSN addy's and Telephone numbers. From the very beginning, we felt there was something Special between us, a connection, Soul Mates. We planed to meet in October of this year, and we did, realizing we were better than what we originally thought. Shelann and I have progressed quite well, falling in absolute love. We plan to get married and live as a family here in Madison, with her, our two sons, and myself. Shelann is Everything I ever wanted in a woman, Beauty, kindness, intelligence, loving, the whole package, and I am thankful that I went into the Pool Room that day.