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Jewish FriendFinder Success Stories

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RealAngel71 said
I got his first email on 24. December 2002 and when I now look back I can say it was the greatest christmas present I have ever got!! From the very beginning we spent HOURS online with chatting and playing Backgammon. We had so much time and already at the end of January I had told my friend that I thought that he might be THE ONE! :) After about 3 weeks and probably hundred of hours online, we talked the first time on the phone. I heard his voice and I was melting away :) From that day on we talked every day on the phone and on Valentines Day, 14 February 2003 we met up the first time. We had a wonderful weekend and since then we are together, altough we live nearly a 3 hrs drive away from each other. On 15 June 2003 he asked me if I wanted to marry him and I said YES! We will get married in 3 weeks, 13 September 2003 in Florida! Unfortunately he will get deployed to Iraq some time in October for at least 6 months. This is going to be a hard time but I know for sure this man is worth waiting for and our love and faith in each other are strong enough. I found my true love, the man I was waiting for my whole life. I love him more than anything else. Thank you FriendFinder! WE are: C. (RealAngel71), 32, Germany and E. (ArmySweetheart), 32, a american soldier stationed in Germany
Ribbons34 said
Hi there.i came on this site a few years back thinking that if nothing else i will make a few friends and have some pen pals to chat with and came across an ad that cought my eye.i thought what the heck i will send here4u007 a mail and see what happens.then i received a response.we emailed a few times, then started chatting online.about a week or so later we met for lunch, and it was great.he was so easy to talk to during that lunch and we got along great.we dated a few more times.he eventually came over for a weekend and really never left,which is fine with kids think he is the greatest guy since there dad that i have dated, and his son and i get along great too.we get along great in every aspect of our relationship.he surprised me at work on July 11 with a beautiful ring and asked me to marry him, and i did not even hesitate.i said YES right away and we will be getting married next year sometime.he is for sure the best thing to happen to me and now i can not even imagine what my life was like without him in it, and i hope to be that older couple walking down the street still holding hands and still not being able to keep our hands off each to all you single people on friendfinder,trust me it does work and sometimes when you least expect it, you will find that special person and be as happy as John and I are.good luck to you*S* John and Tracy
dragoneric said
I met Erika on your site about 10 months ago.She lives in Peru and i live in Georgia.I sent her a message and it went from there.I recently went there to see her and right away we fell in love with each other.I plan to go back there to see her in December and we are planning to marry in July. Thanks so much Friendfinder!
EM2001 said
Dear Friendfinder.
Thank u so much for this program. i was first here 3 years ago. i did not believe in love, and was on friendfinder just to find friends to share stories. But i found somebody from friendfinder. we are from very different backgrounds: I'm asian and he is german. But after a long time we met in my country and created some very beautiful memories. we had 3-year love relationship via friendfinder. and now...We are married and very happy. Thanks to God and thanks to Friendfinder. always success ... God bless
Dear FriendFinder,
I had used your website for about a year before moving from North Carolina to Arizona. I first only used it to find someone to chat with. I met a young lady who lived in Shanghai, China and we became pen-pals. We e-mailed each other pictures of our families, country and each other. We chatted live 1 night a week due to the time change but sent a lot of mail. It was really a lot of fun.
When I moved away to Arizona due to a job change, I decided to try FriendFinder again, this time as a source for finding someone to go to movies with, bike with, etc. since I did not kow anyone. I had a few bites then decided I would take the next step and try to find a real girlfriend. I used your cupid reports and contacted several potential matches. One developed into a frquent phone call relationship that never materialized into a face to face. I then managed to meet a local girl and we e-mailed, then talked a lot on the phone, then arranged a date...which she did not bother to attend. After e-mailing a few more of the cupid matches, I decided to give up. I had listed my regular e-mail addess for contacts but did not think much about it. Soon after, I moved from my apartment to stay with my brother and packed up my computer.
Eventually, he moved out and I took over the place and set my computer back up. It was EIGHT months after the time I had last logged into FriendFinder. I was going through my e-mail (which I had checked time to time from other computers) when I came across one asking me about my FriendFinder profile. I was puzzled as I had not even thought about FriendFinder for months and months. I almost deleted the message because I did not recognize the sender but something stayed my hand and I opened the message. It was from a lady whose profile I had read and responded to in a cupid report eight months past. She explained that she had only now checked in her mailbox and found my message. She stated that she realized it was a very long time ago and that I probaly was either not around any longer nor interested but she figured "what the heck?" and sent a response anyway.
Lots had changed since my initial profile such as my job and where I lived but I figured "what the heck?" too and responded. She was as surprised to hear back from me as I was to first hear from her. We e-mailed each other about a week, then talked several times on the phone and continued to e-mail over the next 2 weeks or so. We arranged a date for dinner in the middle of the week after work..she showed up. We spent about 2 hours in the restaurant talking, laughing and getting to know a bit more about each other. When we parted company that night we shook hands and made plans to have another date that following Friday. We went out to dinner, miniature golfing and then sat in the car for hours just talking to each other. That was 2 years ago and we have been together ever since. In a little over 2 months on October 18, 2003, we are getting married.
There is absolutely no doubt that I never would have met my fiancee without FriendFinder. She is the best thing that has happened to me and we look forward to a long and happy life full of adventure, fun and children.
To anyone who might listen I say that anything is possible and you may just meet the person you are looking for on FriendFinder. I was one of those who looked at some of the success stories and pictures of newlyweds and said "Yeah, right! Like that's gonna happen to me!". Well, IT DID!
Don't give up. I sent lots of e-mails and got very few back. I set up dates and was stood up. Heck, I GAVE up! But someone was watching over me and FriendFinder provided the way for me to meet the person I am going to spend the rest of my life with. I wish anyone reading this as much luck and happiness as I have found. Keep positive!.
Thank you FriendFinder!
Al and Julie
nmt71 said
Nmt71 and Vincent1007 want to thank friendfinder for the success they have had in dating through their site. We are planning on getting together and getting married soon. So good luck to all the other people and hope you find your soul mates here too.
happysingleT said
Dear Friendfinder, I really want to thank you... It's not a coincidence when I signed up and registered as a member. I knew this website in Sept'01. Then I started looking for friends... You sent me the list of friends that matched to my criteria. I sent them e-mail and one of them became my close and best friend for around one year. He is from far..far..way, Puerto Rico because I am from Indonesia (Asia). Our friendship became a very special relationship and our love grew more and more. In September 2002 we met for the first time in Singapore. We really fell in love and we made commitment to keep our relationship until God could unite us in a sacred marriage. Both of us are Christians, and we believe that God established our relationship. Last June 2003, we had our vacation and we got engaged. He proposed to me in front of my parents, soooooo..sweet. We'll get married this coming December 2003 in his hometown. We are working on the papers for me to be able to go to the US. After that we will stay in Hawaii, since he works in Hawaii. We never knew that we would find our soulmate through the internet, Friendfinder. We found more than a friend; a forever friend. Again, we want to thank you... And for others.."don't give up, because you might get what you are looking for in a way that you never thought of before. Just like us..... keep the spirit :)
"happy couple"
wiley1963 said
Hello Friendfinder, thanks for such a great site. First some background on me, I live in the USA, in Feb. I lost my wife to cancer. So I decided to give this site a try to meet some friends, just looking for some people to talk to, nothing serious. Within a couple of weeks I was instant messaged by Caroline, a great woman from Kenya. Like I said I wasn't out looking for anything serious, but the first night we talked for 8 hours, and have been talking everyday since then, either by instant message or e-mail. Well we have discovered something very special between us, and are planning to meet on Dec. 20th. Well she is coming here, and if everything turn's out the way we think it is going to, she might stay and go to school here. We'll keep you informed on what happens. Once again thanks so much FriendFinder, a lot of us don't know what we would do without this site.
nmt71 said
Hello, I would like to thank you for the chance you gave me in getting to know my lovely man and having met him through you. It is a great feeling I have about him and we're planning on getting together in July. We have known each other for over a year now, through FriendFinder. He lives in Belgium, and I in the U.S. I'm so happy that I have met him. We have big future plans together. Vincent is a lovely sweet man. Thanks again.
Cherry270 said
My name is Amanda, and in November of 2002 I met, and became good friends with a girl named Jennifer. Jennifer and I got a long really well - we continued talking through emails, and eventually decided to exchange phone numbers. We grew alot closer - giving and recieving advice from each other as we confided in one another about our troubled relationships. My feelings for her escalated as I we continued to talk, but unfortunately, I lived in Texas, and she lived in West Virginia. Finally, in March of 2003, due to the need to better myself and "expand my horizons", I moved to West Virginia, having planned on meeting my mysterious internet friend for the first time. Well, we did, and things couldn't have been better. We're now newly engaged and plan to be married in January of 2004. We are in great debt to Friend Finder for bringing us together, because without you this couldn't have been possible. Thank you!
gitanilla said
Hi Friends ! The first time that I talked with Matt, was incredible. It was like I knew him all my life. We were talking for about 10 months when I decided to visit him in England last september. I spend the best month in my life with him. We fell in love; it was real. He went to visit me to Peru last December. And guess what? I'm married now with that man since last month. We love each other. Thank you friend finder I found my soul mate.
mrsShaw said
many years ago..... shaw17 and I were sorta brought together by fate or destiny - who knows but i'm not complaining *giggles*. A dear family member went missing a year or so ago and shaw17 was a good friend to her. we started working together to find her but without realizing, we formed a bond so strong. When we finally found my cuz, shaw17 and i were trying to hide our true feelings... we gathered was just a mistake.. the distance thing was way too hard to even think of getting to know each other more personally then we already had.
in all the years we were friends, we never exchanged pics but deep down i knew how beautiful he was. he's the best person i could ever have become friends with.. a year passed and our friendship was soooooooo meaningful. either way our feelings crawled into our hearts and after meeting for the first time face to face, we knew it was something we had hoped. we got married on 22nd march 2003 in australia. we hope to conquere some countries to haunt our friends all over the world - heheheh *smiles* all i can say is: if you believe with all your heart and use your mind to be careful anything and anyone can become a friend or even life partner. never loose faith:D
LastMtnMan said
A Refreshing Discovery of Foreign Women!!
So far, this site has been excellent for meeting women who live outside the US and Western Europe. I speak for myself and numerous friends who are members. FriendFinder has definitely made us aware that American men are very desirable among women of the world and I don't think we could ever "go back" to the denegrating dating situation in the US. Three of my buddies are going to Asia this summer to meet their new girlfriends and I'm heading off to Columbia. We feel like knights in shining armor riding in to sweep up our beauties in waiting!! It's been great - thank you friendfinder. Thank you. The dating scene in the US will never be the same.
The Liberated Man
TenderNo1 said
One day I was looking for love, and was really convinced of meeting my dream man in this new way. After two months, I have now been active on seven different sites. I almost gave up. I had now browsed over 2000 men! Some thought I was too old, others said I was too goodlooking, or lived too I tell you - it was not an easy thing to get things going. Some wrote: "Sweden, huh, I guess I can't stop by to borrow a cup of sugar!?" Or: "I was just passing by when I saw your picture that got me singing. I really want to hear a word from you." Or: "Hi Tender No1! I have never been to your country before, however I heard it is beautiful. I am sure it does not compare to the beauty of your picture. I´ve never wished I lived somewhere else until now."
So I can tell all answers (together about 500), made me feel more then loved. But to find the one it says "klick" in all things, was not there 100% till I saw an picture of HIM! And I started to sing-hahaha! He was younger, goodlooking, good job, and adorable in my eays. I know he would never answer me, so why bother? But think if he does? Can I live with that, not knowing? What can I loose? So I wrote him a short note: Dear Mr. Salvador Dali...I just wonder are you looking for a girl or a woman? If you are looking for a woman, I will be more then happy to hear from you.
The next day I got an answer! We started to e-mail, and now after changing pictures, and mails we are madly in love. He set my soul on fire, and we are both lost for ever. He said I am the woman of his dreams...sooo cute! And I dont know who is loving most? We are giving love like crazy. He in his way, and I in mine. Men and women are way different, ha, ha! So now after 56 days I hear every day this man telling me how much he likes me! Makes me bloom up. Today people say they have never seen me so beautiful like now! So now I know the words from the Bible tell us the truth: That there are no laws against showing love, to one and another. The more you give, the more you get back! If you and your partner decide to stick together forever, with no exeptions you will succeed. And this can only be thruth if we believe in each other's love....I know that now. "An obstacle is something you see when you take your eyes off the goal." So we went high on chemistry, passionate attraction, and felt soul connection, in this find! So now in the beginning of June we are going on our first vacation together to Cyprus for a week. (And the experts say you should not spend longer than two hours on your first date..?) But because we are living thousands of miles away, we have no other choice. I believe I found my soalmate, and in about six months we will be married. I´ll bet you!
Lots of love from Tender No 1 (If you are not madly in Love, it's not Love!)
ladybug76255 said
Hi; I started writing to Don about two years ago. He lives in Australia & I'm from Tx. We started out as pen pals and got to be real good friends. Now we are IN LOVE, and I'm going to Australia in May & we are going to get married! I met two real nice men on, but Don stole my heart. I really want to thank you. Without you I would never have found him. KEEP up the good work. Thanks, Betty [ladybug76255]
amy0295 said
Dear FriendFinder
I just want'ed to say thank you for helping me find my love. We met here on FriendFinder about 7 months ago and there is a good chance that we will be spending the rest of our lives together. Before I even heard about this FriendFinder I was in the bars and clubs searching but there was nobody there for me. So my friend thought we should sign up just for fun. I have been on FF for about 2 or 3 years. I have met so meny men on here but some were not for me. I am thankful for this it has helped me in a big way that I ended up finding the one that I love.
Thank you Friend Finder again.
P.S I hope the rest of you that are searching find your one true love. GOOD LUCK!
Lilita_1 said
Well my name is Lily and I'm from Winnipeg. I met this guy on FF and his name is Dave. We talked for over 6months and then we met. At the time I was seeing someone, and he knew that. But things weren't good in that relationship, and I ended up hanging out and talking more to Dave. After a while I got attracted to him, and we started dating. Our first day as a couple was actually Feb 14, 2003 and we're still together and we're very happy. We thank FF for having this site. Sometimes people look at the (-) side of things, but look at us ... we're happy and we know that we'll be together for a while! (SMILEZ)
cosmanna said
Hi. My name is Ana Maria and my nick on this site is cosmanna. I’m sorry that I can’t talk English very well but I want to try to tell my happy story. I’m 25 years old from Romania and I met here on the site the love of my life - right on my birthday! Maybe it’s a coincidence but I think it was faith! My love is Frank (akamiami). He lives in Texas, so at first we had never met in real. We fell in love with each other very fast, and on 20 March I was with him here in my country ... he come special for me! We discovered that we had many things in common and now, we can’t stay without talking at least once time on day. We are soulmates...thanks to We found each other and I’m more happy than I was ever in my life! We think to marry soon! This is my short story and I hope to send you soon some photos with us! And I hope to see my photo and story on your site! Thank you very much that made my dreams come true! Many kisses!!! Ana Maria
Nerak54 said
First of all I would like to thank you for allowing me to put my information and picture on I met my brand new husband on this web sight. He contacted me and we started talking in September of 2001. We finally got to meet each other face to face at a resturant. We continued to see each other, got engaged last July, while I was co-ordinating a wedding for one of my girlfriends. Then we became husband & wife on February 15, 2003. I am very happy and love my new husband. It wouldn't have happened without! Thanks again. Monica Magee-Fabre P.S. If you want me to E-mail a few pictures of the wedding I will be more than happy to.
batchy said
I joined this site a few years ago, not looking for anything special, after my husband and I divorced. I met a really nice guy, and became friends. NOW we live together and have beautiful twin girls (not bad, considering I was told I would never have children!). We've been together for 3 years now and are still happy. Thanx FriendFinder. Good luck to you all!
NicolisGirl said
I've been on FriendFinder for quite a while. I met a couple men, who were nice, and even dated one for about five months. However that didn't last and I came back to FriendFinder. I wasn't even looking for a man when lo and behold along came my fiance. We started out talking, both amused at some scene someone was making in the Lobby. Since then we've been inseperable. That was in December and later this year we are getting married. If it hadn't been for FriendFinder I never would have met him.
GazzaGreen said
I would just like to say that I met my girlfriend here on Friend Finder some 9 months ago. She lives in China and I in England, so it hasn't been easy these last few months being so far apart.
We have spent time together in China as we toured her country which is amazing. This week she will arrive in England as we are moving in together and at the end of March we are to be Married. I'm on top of the world!
I would just like to say from the bottom of my heart a huge Thank You Friend Finder!
From Gary :)
ssddss said
After my divorce about three years ago I decided to start dating again and have some of the fun I had missed by getting married very young. What I found out was that one forgets how to socialize if it is not done for a long time. So I turned to the Net. I had profiles on several services and met some fun, interesting and nice persons, but none that really knocked me off my feet and able to make me want a relationship again.
Then I got an email from a girl who saw my profile on FriendFinder. At first I just kept it at a chat buddy level because she was from Indonesia and I live near San Francisco. However, the more we emailed the more I began to trust and like her. We talked on the phone a couple of times and then I decided to change my vacation plans and instead of going to Thailand go to Indonesia.
When I finally got to her Island, that's a story all to itself, it was like love at first sight. We spent about two wonderful weeks together, but at the end we decided that even though there were very strong feelings this would probably not work. We were both very sad as I left for the US. Neither of us thought we would ever see each other again.
Only a couple of days after returning home, I just had to call her. We talked for just a bit and I knew down inside I was letting the best thing to come into my life go.
We continued to email each other and finally I just could not sit by and let her meet someone else. I proposed, and she accepted. We still had much to discuss and go through, but on February 12, 2003 I returned to Indonesia and we were married. Our plans are to move to Indonesia and work with family businesses. Needless to say, there are many new FriendFinder's in Indonesia now.
Thanks for the site.
Steve and Lily
Wild_BlondChild said
I joined FriendFinder in 2001 after having no success in finding the right man for me. In September of 2001 i had a male member e-mail me who lived not far from me. We e-mailed each other for a while and then met for dinner. That first night we were both very nervous but hit it off. We dated for sometime and in june 2002 he asked me to marry him. Of course i said yes! We were to marry in March of 2003 but discoved i was pregnant so we moved the wedding forward. We were married in October 2002 on the beach in Queensland Australia Where we both live. Our baby was due in March 2003 but decided she could'nt wait arriving in December 2002. So thanks to FriendFinder i have a very loving husband and a beutiful baby daughter Caitlin. I met a lot of great people on FriendFinder and some of us still e-mail each other. We are proud to tell our friends and other people we met on FriendFinder, most people are amazed and i know quite a few singles who have joined after hearing our success. So thank-you FriendFinder and keep up the great work. Best Wishes- Scuberdiver_Qld and Hot_D.J.Girl
khemosabi2 said
I met my fiance in February '02 on We're getting married in September '04! Thank you so much Friendfinder! You truly do make dreams come true.
weezybunny said
About 6 months ago I began exchanging emails with "sray". We chatted on the phone and eventually met in person. Well, let me just tell you that it has been the most wonderful 6 months of my life! We have fallen in love. He is the man of my dreams. The one I have been searching for. We still can't believe that we found eachother on the internet. We have big plans for our life together. We now live together and have plans to buy a house, get married and have children. Every day I fall more in love with him and I couldn't imagine living my life without him. Neither of us ever thought it could be this good. I just want to tell everyone out there searching for love that it is possible. We are living proof that Friend Finder works to help bring people together. We both want to thank FF for making us the happiest we've ever been. Thanks again, weezybunny
takenby_ys1979 said
I would just like to say that I am extremly happy that I found FF. I was going thru a really hard time in my life and was looking for some people to talk to, I got way more than I bargained for! I met the most wonderful man on here. The way we met was so odd actually, my very first night in a chat room ever, I decided to ask if anyone was from Iowa, and sure enough, he used to live there, so not knowing any better I gave my yahoo ID out to the room, and he added me, and we've been talking ever since. He was going thru a terrible time with a bad realtionship as well, so we had a lot in common. It started out as friendship and grew into more with time. We now are planning to get married. We both feel as if we are soulmates and best friends and that this was meant to be. Thank you FriendFinder! We're both the happiest we have ever been and always will be. youngstud1979 and takenby_ys1979
Shyboy231963 said
Hi there everybody. Well, Friendfinder did it for us :o)
I was just about to give up on meeting that special somebody, I swore that it would be my last visit to any of these singles sites in March 2001. Then it came ... a response from a lovely lady feeling much the same way. We met 4 days later, had a great night out the following week. Then, on Valentine's Day 2003, Rebecca accepted my proposal of marriage. We've had our ups and downs, but here we are, ready to take our vows sometime in October or November.
Be patient. I know loneliness makes that very difficult. I've been there. Hang in there! I believe God has a plan for each and every one of us. It may not happen when you want. It may happen when you least expect it, but you need to do your part to make it happen. Take a chance and reply to that "he/she seems too good for me" you added to your hot list. And if it doesn't happen, try another. You just may end up the same as we did.
Best wishes to all of you.
Carl & Rebecca
marryme1973 said
I was starting to think I was destined to be alone. I know now that life is better when u have someone special in it to share those special, cozy and lonely times. Despite our short time together, my husband and I are looking forward to a new addition to our family in September, which in itself seems so odd with the timing. I was due to undergo some treatment for cervical cancer - a treatment which may leave me unable to have a child. I can’t help but feel lucky to have the chance to have this baby. I feel like life certainly has a much bigger plan than we can ever imagine. Never give up! Love will find u and shock u and take you right off your feet. Thank you for finding my soulmate!
Bill_1228 said
I started chatting with dolphinlady33 (Beth) one day and found that she lived only an hour away from me. Beth emailed me one day asking if I wanted to get together with her sometime, and gave me her phone number. We planned a day to get together and really hit it off great when we finally did meet in person. We of course saw each other again and decided to start dating. This was in the summer of '02, and we are still dating today even though we don't spend a lot of time together. We have a lot in common and really enjoy our time together. We would not have met if it wasn't for friendfinder.
MistySensation said
Dear FriendFinder,
We wanted to let you know that you have another success story! On November 25, 2002 as I was searching through all of the different names and I came across a name that I wouldn't generally message but, something said to me; "Ahhh go ahead and look!" I came across a man in Alaska named Andy that he lived in a small town named Petersburg. I had messaged him only to tell him that I used to live in Petersburg, New York. Well, we started to talk finding out that we had so much in common. We fell head over heels for each other instantly. Since then Andy & I have met and it was magical for both of us. I am now moving to be with Andy in Petersburg, Alaska in May. We wanted to thank you for your wonderful website in bringing two nice people to one phenomenal union together. Happily, MistySensation & AkViking46
cosie58 said
In Instant Message Center, I clicked on a handle I didn't know before and I wrote "hi". I got answer hi, and we started to talk. It turned out that this man lived in Canada, almost 9,000km from my country, but he was born in my country. Very fast, we started to speak our national language. After 1 month he came to Europe to meet me. We met in Berlin. I was waiting for him on the airport - very excited. I new that something very important was happening in my life. We spent 3 days in Berlin, which I will remember all my life. He was so romantic. He gave me 100 roses! I knew then that I would do anything to be with him. I left my career, my apartment, packed 2 suitcases, and in 2 months, I landed in Canada. I had nobody in Canada. It was very risky but I knew that this was the right decision. Since then we've been together for 15 months. We're a very very happy couple. It's still hard for me to adopt here, because I started my life again from zero, at 44 yrs.old. We both believe that it was a miracle that we found one each other, same nationality, same tradition. Now we are preparing the Happy End of this story. We are getting married this year in Edmonton, Canada!!! Thank you Friendfinder!!!!
sweetie031 said
I am so happy I discovered Friendfinder. I've been a member for months looking for female friendship. I finally found the friend I've always been looking for. My new friend and I have so much in common. We both like the same things, our personality are so similar. We even have the same style in clothing. Plus, we're both beautiful(smile). I've met other females and things went well at first but it turned out we didn't have much in common at all. I've never been the type of person that wanted a whole flock of friends just maybe one or two close ones because I am a little shy. My new friend and I are becoming so close and I'm so happy and so is she. She was so unhappy with her life because she didn't have anyone to do things with so she was seeking the exact same thing I was "A good close friend". We're planning all sorts of things to do together now. She has finally found that friend which is me and she is now smiling again.
Thank You Friendfinder Gina M. from Detroit, MI
I've met the most beautiful woman in the world! We have been corresponding for going on five months, and have made plans to meet in person. We live 10,000 miles apart. That is not a typo! We live 10,000 miles apart, and we still talk every day via phone, e-mail, and snail mail! I just wanted to thank Friendfinder for having the best "Introduction Service" in the world. My and my soon to be Fiancee are going to send Friendfinder a photo of us together. I just want to let anyone out there know that to keep the faith, and stay true to your heart! Love is in the air...Thank-you Friendfinder!!
biggsexy19 said
I met Ronnie 3 weeks ago and we fell i love....I can't stop thinking about him and I wait for every moment that we can talk to each other....before meeting him, my life was boring and very not good....I had bad relationships and now things are better.
CafeAuChocolat said
Hello. My handle is Cafeauchocolat and I thought it was time to add my story to the ones here. I had been using this site on and off for about 2 years when I got an email from Agglosstinathinai. He and I were from different countries, but he happened to be working in my home city for a few months. I liked his first couple of emails so much that even though I felt very nervous, I agreed to meet him after just a few days, because my university was due to start in a couple of weeks and I would have to leave for another town. We met for coffee just after Easter Sunday and after he had coaxed the first things out of my mouth (I was so nervous!) I had the most effortless good time I’ve had in any date I’ve ever been. He kissed me before that first date ended, and I went home determined not to get too excited over this; after all, I might have to go back to University at any time. I spent the next few weeks learning how to function in a relationship that was strange for me, having loads of fun and beautiful moments, and trying to follow the advice of the little voice in my head: “This is fun, but don’t get too attached. You might leave soon. Even if you don’t, he will.” He was planning to leave the country that summer, and after that, who could tell? But it turned out my little voice’s advice was very difficult to follow. He changed his plans to spend the summer with me, and by our first month anniversary I was in love, despite my efforts.
About 5 month after we had met, I sent him an sms saying I was sitting at home, reading FF success stories, and he replied that he was coming over so we can use my computer to add our own story to the site. We met and decided to go for a walk, when out of the blue he told me he was in love with me, and I could finally say it back. I was ecstatic. Needless to say we never got around to writing our success story that night, we were feeling too emotional. After that, things started moving very fast that summer. He had already met my family and we spent 20 wonderful days in the UK, where I met his. We spent as much time as we could with each other. Today, we’ve been together for almost 7 months, and we know we want to spend our lives together. He never did leave the country, he will be working here until I get my university degree and then we will go to England together. Thank you FF, for helping me meet the most wonderful, intelligent, interesting, gorgeous, funny and supportive man I could have dreamed of. I never thought I could be this happy in my life without making some kind of compromise, but now I am, all because I’m with this wonderful person. And thank you, my love, for hanging in there through all my insecurities, my worries and my little panics, and for being so supportive through it all, and for being the one you are and making me so happy. I just hope I’ll be able to make you as happy as I am, in our life together.
callmemrex said
Hi, i'm callmemrex, I joined FF just a few months ago, i'm married and very happy, my wife & I chatted with many pen pals that still chat today, we all are married and are the same age, we've become very friendly and we are planing to visit to differant couples some time next year. each couple is a seperate trip, it's gonna be very interesting meeting people from accross the country. we are both looking forword to each trip, and the funny thing is, I replied to one of these couples by accident - I thought she was somebody else. we exchanged notes of apology because of my mistake, and, we became pen pals, then friends! now her & her husband, me & my wife are planing to meet next year, thanks friendfinder, kind regards,
Bob & Edna
bestforthejob said
I have almost given up on friendfinder when I saw her ad. Then I thought I will give this one, one last try. The next day I logged on - there it was the answer to my prayers. After talking for about two and a half months on the internet, we decided we should meet and then the magic of love hit when I looked in her eyes. Now it has been a little while since we have been together and each day it gets better. I want to thank friendfinder for helping me find what I hope to be the love of my life.
Almondnut said
I met this woman here - she was different - weird with green hair and a strange smile. She asked me out on a date and I agreed. We met at the beach - she held my hand as we walked along the pier. It was perfect.
desirable801 said
Before I posted my profile at Friendfinder, I was very skeptical about this kind of stuff. Even when I got this email from Robert, I was still skeptical. But then, out of curiousity and politeness, I responded. After 2 weeks, he came to see me; travelling 22 hours by plane. That's the beginning of our beautiful relationship. Then we fall in love. He's such a wonderful person...he's great in all aspects. I never felt so loved in my life. We love each other very much. He had visited me several times and I came to his place to meet his friends and his mom. Now, we're engaged! And we plan to get married next year! I'm just waiting for the approval of the fiancee visa that he filed for me.
I'm so happy. Thanks a lot to a friend who introduced me to Friendfinder. Of course, Thank you FriendFinder!! And most of all, Thanks to God, for bringing Robert into my life.
sincerely, Nenet
Umbahkat said
Well the first message that I recieved through friendfinder was the turn around in my life that I needed. I met the most amazing guy and we have not been apart since. We feel like soulmates. I have definitly met that special someone and the funny thing is we know a lot of the same people and grew up in the same town but never ran into one another. I feel that without friendfinder I may have never met the man of my dreams. I never thought that he would exists but he does and I am so glad that he is a part of my life.
aphroditee92 said
from Aphroditee92 and Fey12001 After putting my profile on Friendfinder from the UK in October 2001, I received a reply within a couple of days from Fey12001. We e-mailed each other, phoned each other for hours, and then met several times. We got engaged and were married this summer. We both had grown-up children and animals, now we live in the USA, and are completely and wonderfully happy in our life with our animals and children(not at home). Several of our friends and acquaintances have met in a similar way, with the same results. We believe that it is due to the way in which we were able to get to know and appreciate each other before physically meeting - so important when we came from different sides of the Atlantic.
YesICanFly said
8 months ago I sent a message to an interesting man whose ad I had seen on this site, and he answered the message. 6 months ago we met in real life. In the beginning of next year I will move in with him. What more can I say? Thank you FriendFinder!
Legal2 said
Hi, My name is Legal2 on Friendfinder, I am from Nevada. I started searching for someone to be in my life - it took about 4-6 months and thanks To they sent me a profile that has turned out to be so wonderful! He is from Canada and we started Emailing back in November of 2001. We spoke on the telephone for the first time on New Years night 2002 and it was a wonderful, exciting, somewhat nervous time for both of us. We both decided we wanted to meet so he flew to Nevada in March of 2002 and has been with me ever since. We are so much in Love and so very happy. We are planning to marry one day. But we both just want to say Thank You Friendfinder for bringing us together, if it wasn't for you guys we would not have found each other. I believe that everyone who are members of Friendfinder can find the "special someone" to be in their life. Just don't give up, continue to search and I am positive you will find that person just as we have. Good Luck to you all, and a BIG THANK YOU, Friendfinder, keep up the great job in helping people to find that special person for their life...Sincerely...Legal2
65scribe said
I met Jay on friendfinder last August 4, 2001. We met in person on September 6, 2001. It took a while to get to know one another more, but by Christmas we were fully dating and having a great time. Jay is very very quiet and I am a very loud and active girl, both of our features set each other off nicely. In February, I moved in with Jay because I got a job in Sarnia, I was living about 2 hours away before that. Since then I have been very sick from post-op surgery and Jay has been there every step of the way. He is my life, my true guardian angel. Jay proposed to me on our one year anniversary on Sept 6. We are planning on getting married, of course, September 6th 2003. It just so happens that it falls on a Saturday next year. He is giving me the most beaustiful wedding anyone could ask for, including a horse-drawn carriage to pick me up and take me to the church and then for us to ride around in afterwards. I must admit, I never in a million years thought I would meet someone in person from the internet, too many horror stories!! But I must thank Friendfinder for their service because I am truly the happiest woman alive right now. My username is ladyjanekk, I was into Jay's account when I decided to write this.
DolphinGal78 said
When I first viewed Dave's profile I thought what the heck? Let's give this a shot. We started emailing and really hit it off. We both lived in NY so we finally realized that it was time to meet. It was definitely love at first sight. We instantly clicked, much more than either us could have imagined. It has now been 7 months and we are living together. It's amazing that we both found each other on FriendFinder. Thank you!! Lori & Dave
manado26 said
Hi, My name is Meigy Rawung, Friendfinder handle manado26. I am a woman from Indonesia. I turned off my membership once I met someone with the handle 'seancap'. He lives in United States AND HE IS MY HUSBAND NOW Thanks God. We started writing and sending emails since September last year, then started talking through telephone by December. We planned to meet in person by May, yet I couldn't have the visa to get to the United States. May 28th 2002, he proposed me through email. I said 'I Do...' He came to my country on June 17th 2002. We got married in my Church on JUNE 22, 2002 in North Sulawesi Island - Indonesia...far away from his homeland. And now we are living a happy life, here in his house, with a nice neighborhood with bunches of pine trees, in North Carolina. THANK GOD...He is the man I do want. I Love him very much. AND...THANK YOU "FRIENDFINDER"....through you, I found the love of my life, and that goes the same for my husband.
Arcanelore said
Well, I met someone very special on this site. We dated for many months and fell in love.
terrydgg69 said
I would just like to let ya'll know that i met my current girlfriend on FF and that i really appreciate ya'll for providing your services. We have plans to get an apartment together and eventually get married so I just wanted to applaude and thank ya'll.
violetcat said
Hello, I am Violetcat and have met my soulmate in the beginning of 2000. We are living in different countries but not far away-the same region. We have had very beautiful time together within these one and half years. I never believed that at my age and through the Internet, I could find my spouse. Thank you for this good opportunity. I wish everyone, who is still searching -keep trying and you will find who you are looking for.